I never thought I would say this....

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  1. but I think my Balenciaga collection is finished. I feel that the bags I have accumulated is a good mix of colors and shapes. What do you all think?

    Now I will probably be changing my tune when the '07 colors come out. But for now my husband's wallet is giving a sigh of relief. :P

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  2. What a great collection! Now that you say this you will find one you can't live without!:yes:
  3. Gorgeous collection, though I see space for a Weekender...

    I do like the concept though, of getting there, of having enough, because if this crazy Bbag craving is just endless we're all gonna end up bbagladies!

    Congrats on being almost there.:wlae:
  4. WOW! you are one lucky girl! those bags are amazing...I think my favorite is the pumpkin. can you tell us what the ones in the back are, is it ink and black??
  5. Now that is a very well rounded collection! Nice variety of styles and color. Congrats!
  6. You have a wonderful collection! I love your orange twiggy!
  7. My oh my, wonderful collection~!
  8. Wow! I love your collection. You have a really good mix and all of your bags are gorgeous. Although...you don't have any white or brown and mokatara was right, there is room for a weekender (see, this is why tpf is such a bad influence!)
  9. I think you need 5..6..7..more bags! :P
  10. Your collection is gorgeous! Reminds me of a little saying I repeat to myself sometimes, "Happiness is not getting what you want but wanting what you've got." Looks like you are happy ;o) Congrats.
  11. OMG I love your blueberry purse!!! Your collection is perfect the way it is!!!
  12. You guys crack me up!

    There are several times that I have been tempted by a weekender, but just can't make that plunge yet. I have a LV Mono 55 carry-all that I use overnights.

    Just as I posted this, I realized just how badly I want a calcaire and a truffle bag. I really think I need more Day bags. :graucho:

    From back to front:

    Black Day 05
    Apple City
    Rouge Theatre City
    Grey Purse 05
    Blue Inda First
    Eggplant Twiggy
    Orange/Pumpkin Twiggy
    Blueberry Purse
  13. See, I knew you would think of another one you really wanted!!:graucho:
  14. I told you!
  15. 0o0o you're collection is great - no point in stopping now... keep feeding it!!! hehehehe!