I never thought i would cave....but

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  1. So i always said i would never :graucho: spend over $1500.00 on ONE bag.... but :graucho: the mono arsty is calling my name constantly!!! I hear it all the time :roflmfao:!!! but i need to decide if i should get the artsy or the delightful gm??!! this is my first hobo style bag and i don't usually like hobo styles... but again i will break and cave :roflmfao:!! so which one is more comfy to wear on your arm? is the artsy a bit more structured than the delightful??? i need the lovely tper's help to push me in one or the other direction!! p.s.... it was a mod pic of Queen M's arsty that started all this trouble :roflmfao::roflmfao:!!!!so i blame her ;)!!!
  2. I really love the zipper detailing on the delightful gm. It's a really nice bag if you want to stay within your budget. However I absolutely adore the artsy :smile: it makes such a statement with that braided handle and the cute charm.

    Btw, I sometimes break my budget too ;) it happens. It's okay to move a little out of your comfort zone occasionally.
  3. yes i agree with you... it's the braided handle that makes the arsty stand out!!!! good to know i'm not the only budget breaker :biggrin:!
  4. I think both bags are really pretty but I'm more partial to the artsy :smile: and not to worry, one time I said that I was going to buy a NF gm, but I ended up purchasing a mono icare which was more than twice the price xD you only live once so as long as it doesn't put you in debt you're fine :smile:
  5. I love my delightful GM. I actually prefer the handle on mine because it is soft and it has the Louis Vuitton name embossed on it. Thats what sold me! and a BIG interior zip pocket.
  6. And if it starts raining, its so clouchy and soft that i can fold the handle into the bag and roll it up under my arm like a big clutch so that the patina doesnt get water marks. I know this becuase I had to do it the other day! :roflmfao:
  7. Me too! I love the outside zippers that actually are pockets instead of just a fake decor.
    And the handle with the Louis Vuitton is gorgeous!
  8. I use to love the artsy, and I still think its beautiful, but the softness mof my bag sold me. And having THREE zip pockets is nice! This is a bag you have ot baby in the rain though, be warned now! I am buying a damier ebene bag i believe soon to carry in the snow and rain. I am a nervous wreck with all of the vechetta on the strap, sides, piping and even zippers!
  9. never thought of that!!! that's such a good idea ;)
  10. Lmao! Really? Well someone's gotta be the first to try it. I'll remember that next time but I haven't bought it out in the rain yet. I check the forecast right before I leave the house to see which one to bring along. :lol:
  11. I really like artsy style. Pick that one ;)
  12. i usually dont take it out in the rain, but it started to come down, and with my baby, it is easier to carry than my speedy for a family day out, so I brought it along. It was stressful though! I want the NF in DE for days like that, but I Have heard such bad things about the handles!
  13. Oooh I am not one to ask about the NF DE. I had one and had to sell it because it wasn't comfortable for me at all. So heartbreaking! I wanted to love that bag and I did when other people had it. Lol but of course there's thousands of others who have that bag that will tell you good things about it. :smile:
  14. Thats the other problem. There are THOUSANDS of people with that bag! I just want a bag with little vachetta for winter thats roomy and big and low maintance! And since I justy bought the delightful gm 2 months ago, not a huge price tag!
  15. I actually heard that the artsy patinas quite rapidly