I never thought a handbag could make me sooo happy:D

  1. So, I have been obsessing over the Hudson bag for quite some time now, but after searching high and low for it (stores, eBay, online, etc.), I just could not find it anywhere. I attempted to buy the black one off of Bag, Borrow or Steal but they told me I had to rent the bag first and then they would give me a price based on demand (since the bag has been waitlisted forever, demand was obv high, and I thought, I'll never be able to afford that!!)

    WELL, low and behold, Valentine's Day rolled around and everyone who knows me, knows that I have a SICK marc jacobs obsession (I only own 1 marc by mj bag, but I go to the Bleecker Street store all the time and pick up all the little affordable mj gadgets that I can find;) My bf, who I didn't think was capable of finding something I couldn't find, managed to snag the bag in the dark brown with ivory stripes. I didn't see him til the weekend and he said he had a "small gift" for me. When I unwrapped the box, it was a GAP box with sweatpants and a cute tee and I thought it was done, but I noticed some bulk under the tissue paper and when I lifted it and saw the Marc Jacobs dust bag, I was like, nooooo, it can't be....I lifted the dust bag feeling the heavy weight of the hudson hardware and I started screaming, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Then I proceeded to pull it out and start laughing uncontrollably because I don't think I have ever been happier to get a gift. I was sooooooooo ecstatic the whole night (mind you, this was about 2am, that I pranced around with the bag holding it in every different position, then propping it up on the dresser and just gawking at it from the bed with a huge smile on my face. I couldn't even sleep, I was so excited and couldn't wait for Sunday to come so I could wear it!!

    I ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN LOVE THIS BAG!!!! I am more in love with it than my bf (hahaha, jk--he may be reading this;) but seriously, he even said that when he got it in the mail, he thought it was a really great bag and understood the fuss when seeing it in real life. I was originally obsessing over the black one, but when I saw the brown, I thought it looked so vintage and cool that I am so glad I got this color instead. The black is great cause it matches with everything of course, but the two-tone on the brown is just a beautiful combo and I love the green leather lining on the middle pocket. Man, it's one of my favorite MJ bags ever and I am so happy to actually own it now.

    And, one last funny detail before I go. I actually found out about this site through my bf as well. When he snagged the bag, he was so excited to have actually found it that he wanted to tell someone but couldn't tell any of his friends for obv reasons (they'd prob also think he was crazy for spending that much on a handbag!), so he searched online for a forum and found you guys! He was like, "I just had to tell someone!" So, now here I am, and I think he will be sorry he directed me here as I am already looking through MJ sale sightings;)

    FYI--He bought the bag from "From Bags to Riches," which is a similar site to "Bag, Borrow or Steal" except, you don't actually have to rent the bag to be eligible for purchasing it. If you want a bag that they have on their site, just call them! My bag cost him $870 when all was said and done which isn't a bad deal considering the bag is a rare find these days. And, it was apparently the last Hudson they had left...WOO HOO!!!! :yahoo:
  2. congrats on a great bag. It sounds like you have a great bf.
  3. What a fabulous story! Your man is pretty smooth. :supacool:
  4. your boyfriend sounds absolutely adorable. you have a great guy there. congrats on him and the bag! there's a lot of striping bag love here tonight. welcome to tpf and i love your sn btw. so cute!
  5. welcome and congrats! what a cute story.
  6. Wonderful story. Yes, expect many more highs as you acquire more of your new obsession. We'll move over and make room.

    Now, when will you share pics of your new bag?
  7. awww yay! what a sweet bf. congrats!
  8. That's so sweet of him!! Congrats on your beautiful new bag, we'd love to see some pics!!
  9. pix pleaseeeeeee
  10. Ha, you guys are so great. I love this site! :yahoo:

    Here are some pics of this charming ol' bag:
    mj1.jpg mj2.jpg mj3.jpg mj4.jpg mj5.jpg
  11. these are a few more that I took on my phone the day after I got it;)
    MJ7.jpg MJ8.jpg MJ9.jpg
  12. Gorgeous!! This bag looks great on you.
  13. Awesome story, awesome bag.

    You are right, he will be sorry he got you into this site! Enjoy the bag, your bf sounds really sweet.....
  14. Looks beautiful on you!
  15. aww the picture of you holding it makes me wanna find a hudson too!