I never though the day would come

  1. I am craving a LV speedy and plan to get the 30 at the LV store in Orlando!
  2. cool!! are you going to Millenia?...That's such a beautiful mall!!! Have fun!
  3. ^ I love that mall too, I used to shop there a lot... Have fun looking at all the beautiful bags and shoes at that LV, the Sales peole there are very nice! ....
  4. Happy shopping !!
    That's a classic you will keep forever....
  5. Yay! I bet you're super excited! When are you planning on buying it?
  6. Good choice!
  7. Ooh... monogram or damier or azur?
  8. I love the speedy 30!
  9. I just love speedies....they're the greatest invention! :smile:
  10. So cool. I LVoe Speedies but won't the tax be cheaper in our area or elux? Just a suggestion.
  11. OH cool~~~
  12. I love the speedy 30! The speedy is my favorite bag!!!
  13. ooh which will you get?