I never see threads on Ferragamo.......

  1. Either I've missed something or this premier designer seems ignored. I was in Saks in Bal Harbor this week and bought a gorgeous black distressed leather bag (30% off and it was still $950.00) I fell in love with the edges on the leather which maybe you can see in this photo. I didn't need a black bag or even a bag for that matter but I couldn't resist the bag or the price - The sales people at this fabulous shopping center are the best.
    Resized one.jpg Resized 2.jpg Resized 3.jpg
  2. Congratulations on your new Ferragamo! They are such high quality bags. I have only one (the iconic black bag), but I love it as much as if it were an Hermes!
  3. I love Ferragamo! The designs are IMO (for the most part) classic. I have a small Marissa and it always gets compliments. The bags are expensive, well made and understated. My guess is because there are no crazy sales and it seems as if they don't give their bags to celebrities to carry...there's not a lot of hype about Ferragamo.
  4. Thanks Leelee, It is a beautiful leather and I'm sure I'll enjoy it - nice and big and slouchy too!!
  5. I admire all things Faragamo, just havn't gotten around to buying there bags yet, very classy! I like the bag you chose.:supacool:
  6. your bag is lovely!
  7. Love the edges! Enjoy your new bag.

    I have a vintage speedy type satchel that is just so perfect. Great designs come from Ferragamo!
  8. it's a beautiful bag! enjoy using it...a while ago there was a post regarding a magazine article that talked about ferragamo bags and why they are so expensive...the authors of the article had taken a ferragamo bag totally apart and showed, detail for detail why it cost 1500.00...based on that article, you got a great price for a great bag!
  9. ferragamo is timeless and classic - you got a great deal!!
  10. Beautiful bag! It's a great style.
  11. I generally keep all my expensive handbag purchases pretty quiet so it is especially pleasant to get comments and compliments from all of you. Thanks so much for letting me share!!
  12. I'm definitely going to hit the sales now. I got a great deal on a Ferragamo from eBay and I'd like another!
  13. I was just thinking the same thing this morning. This is the only place that I feel it is appropriate for me to volunteer that I made a lovely purchase.

    In "real" life I'm quiet as a mouse.

    My Ferragamo wish list is pretty long. My next purchase will be something in the "magnolia" color. It's an unbelievably pretty shade of cream!
  14. I have been posting stuff from the Ferragamo Outlet in another thread. They have great prices and once in a while they have sales on top of their outlet prices.
    Very beautiful bag btw.