I never saw this one before!!! I love it!!!!!!!

  1. Well... I think I am done... Is very difficult to find the perfect bag in coach.com if the more beautiful cost $500.00 or more... But................ :yahoo:
    I found this one!
    Maybe I am just tired to watch around and I am wrong but seems to be big, 11 (L) x 19 (H) x 4 1/2 (W)



    Any comments?
  2. It doesnt seem big to me, but I am into huge totes!
    I think its cute!!:yes:
  3. it is a v good sizze but i personally dont carry a bag that doesnt close at the top
  4. Yes..... It don't close at the top, it have that silly "dog leash" closure... But the totes that close at the top have the wird zipper that don't go anywhere!!! How can design that?
    Anyways, I like it because is simple... But you know, in pictures the bag are totally different to when you have it in your hands... so who know! :confused1:
  5. I love it. That just might be my next purchase. Thanks for sharing.
  6. very nice... the open top wouldn't bother me one bit.
  7. Love it... I've been playing with the idea of this one for a baby bag....
  8. I love it!! I think the belted detail is really pretty and stands out against the signature. If it didn't have the belt it would be kinda plain, but that dresses it up so much. It sounds big, but I bet if you tried it on in the store it wouldn't seem so big.

  9. I love it! Great idea for a baby bag, Gigi is large and in charge!!!!