I never really cared about her until I saw someone carrying her.

An everyday bag for a mom of 2

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Oct 24, 2008

I was planning to sell both my Delightful and Neverfull to fund an artsy. I am dreaming about this bag for a long time now. Since I didn't find the time to sell my other bags yet, my plan of buying an artsy went intothe back seat. Palermo, I never really cared about this bag before.

Last weekend, I was at the mall when a lady walk past me and she was carrying a Palermo. It was love at first sight!!! I wanted to get the bag right away, LOL. (Good thing there is no LV store on the mall we were in) Anyway, when I got home, I went online and looked at all the threads about the Palermo. I read through the clubhouse. I searched youtube and all the sites where I can see the palermo. Now I really want to get that instead of the artsy. I am really in-love with the bag right now.

So, am i making the right decision to get the Palermo instead of the artsy??? Im a mom of 2 (5 and almost 3) I think the Palermo will be more practical and it looks gorgoeus. But the artsy is a gorgeous one too, and I wanted it for a long time now. Im confused!

I need all your opinions, expertise and experiences on thses 2 bags.

Thank you!!!

PS. I was planning to get the artsy MM, for the Palermo Im not sure yet because I haven't really looked at it or cared about it before so never paid attention to it at the store.


Sep 14, 2011
go for palermo, it s such a classic, has a zipper and you can wear it as a handle, shoulder or crossbody
Jul 3, 2006
I personally don't care for the Palermo at all, so I'm going to go against the flow. I think it's a very ackward bag - where it falls against the body hits right at the widest part of your hip and the bottom is stiff and wide. It makes almost anyone look wider in my opinion. I love the artsy.


Mar 31, 2010
I totally understand, the Palermo wasn't on my radar either until I saw a woman with a GM, just using the shorter handles over her shoulder (they adjust pretty long!) And I was in complete awe of the bag! It never really struck me before that. Lol! It seems very tote-like, casual, and perfect for a Mom. I say maybe keep the Delightful if you can afford to for now, it serves the same function really as an Arsty.. and maybe just sell your Neverfull to 'help' fund a Palermo GM. :smile: (The PM looks too small imo) I DO love the Artsy but I think the Palermo looks more comfy and secure, easier to access inside, and versatile etc... Good luck deciding!


Mar 11, 2011
I love artsy it's in my wish list but I bought my Palermo GM first. (I'm not fan of the Palermo PM though).I absolutely love my Palermo gm and it is my favourite bag as I like big bags. It never disappoints me as I can carry whatever I like it always fits more! (perfect for traveling too). Since you are a mum it may be more useful than the artsy.either way you can't go wrong I guess. Good luck


Loves Her Baby Girl!
Apr 14, 2008
LOL. I have an Artsy and have never paid much attention to the Palermo. I'm going to go look at modeling pics now. I hope this thread doesn't get me in trouble with the hubby ;) ;) HAHAHA


May 13, 2008
1 vote for the Palermo PM! But I'm biased, love mine :tender: Handheld or carried on the shoulder, it looks gorgeous both ways. Easy access, plenty of compartments, can hold a ton without any issues (mine recently doubled as a camera bag, wasn't sure if it could handle the heavy camera equipment, but it worked great!)

Here are a couple of pics of mine :biggrin: