I never realized what a nice bag the Ergo is

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  1. I was at the boutique in Southlake today to buy a gift (wasn't planned...long story) and I tried on an Ergo hobo for the heck of it. That is a really nice bag! Nice drop on the strap and it's light. I might have to consider one of these at some point!:yes:
  2. Which color and size did you try? Was it the belted one or with the turnlock? I have the vintage ergo and really like it! I don't use it much but when I need a big bag I grab it!
  3. Yeah, Tanukiki!! That's we've all been raving about for months!!!! Isn't it light and the leather yummy???
  4. It was just the regular size signature Hobo. I did see one with the turnlock too but I'm not sure I would like that as much as the zip-top one.
  5. I tried on a sig one but the leather was nice looking too! :yes: I really like the all-leather Coach bags the best (but have a strong affinity for the choc sig!):love:
  6. Who doesn't??? I've had my eye on that Ergo hobo in sig/chocolate forever!!!
  7. I saw the tobacco leather belted ergo hobo in a boutique last weekend, and it was GORGEOUS!!! Absolutely beautiful. I dropped a big hint to DH about how much I liked it. Maybe for Valentine's Day? Or mother's day??
  8. I have the medium plum belted ergo and absolutely love it. I had a hard time giving it a break when I got my choc sig Leigh. Its such a comfortable and classic bag. I'm a leather girl as well, but there is something about that Legacy choc sig that is really special!
  9. I love my large ergo...and I keep looking at the medium ones but I think any ergo hobos I get are going to be large..they are really great for daytime bags for sure, and look dressy or casual. Great idea and you should definitely get one!
  10. I love the SouthLake store, but calmer than others in DFW.

    I have two ergos (scarf from Spring '07 and Turquoise) that largely sit unused. I carry them in a pinch, but when I put the computer in there the bag is really bulky and doesn't slouch right. Who knows, maybe they will end up on eBay in my "cleaning my closet" program I am implementing :smile:

    I will say, it is a very comfortable fit under the arm. I am sure the ergo shape is here to stay for the forseeable future.