I never knew...

  1. ...my mom shared my love for brand name bags!!

    I never expected so, because my mom is the type of person to shop for super-discounted clothing, she's someone who will WAIT for sales to go on before she buys anything...and she carries cheap fabric purses given to her by her sister in-law's company!

    After the arrival of my new bag and a Chinese LV magazine, I set both of these on my bed while using the computer and she came to my room to take my laundry. She walked away saying (in Chinese) to me, "Wow...you have a lot of LV now huh?" and when she got to her room, she shouted to me "If you ever get tired of your LV, give it to mom so I can use it too!!"

    I was VERY surprised. When I first started buying off eBay I thought my parents would KILL me if I was ever seen with a designer bag that expensive. So I asked her, "Mom, what did you say?? You like LV too?? You would use LV too??" and she replied, "Why not? You don't see me with LV because nobody buys or gives me LV! I would use it if somebody bought me LV!"

    I was happy and shocked at the same time...my mom shares my love for LV, although I've NEVER seen her with a designer bag before!

    She then comes to my room and tells me how she worked in the accounting department of Dior in Hong Kong...and I asked her why she doesn't have any Dior items. She said she does, and showed them to me...and I managed to confiscate two really nice vintage (they're like 20 years old) but never been used Dior bags!! She has a few more smaller items that she's supposed to show me too. I never knew my mom stashed away designer bags in her closet.
    I got Dior from my mom, but I'll always be loyal to LV, of course :love:

    We went out for dinner tonight and right before we were about to leave, this Asian couple walked in and the lady was carrying one of the ugliest LV fakies I've ever seen...I told my mom about it after we exited the restaurant and she said, "Fake! Yeah, the bag said LVV!"

    I'm so glad now I don't have to hide my bags any more and I can talk about LV openly with my mother! :yahoo:
  2. that's such a cute story!!! thanks for sharing.

    my mom, unfortunately, probably can't tell the difference between LV or Coach... as in price difference and such. I mean, she doesn't know anything about designer brands at all, even though my siblings and I have bought her designer bags in the past.
  3. Aw, that's so awesome! now you and your mom can bond over LV together!

    :idea: Think maybe she was hinting at something here? lol:graucho:
  4. Awww.... :heart:.
  5. I think so!!
    I may buy her something LV for her birthday...a cles, probably, or a porte monnaie ronde. I know my mom doesn't like to "stand out" too much, so I'll get her something small.

    My perfect Christmas would be my mom secretly telling me "Okay, I can buy you something from LV, up to *insert amount here, although it'll probably be lower* but you CAN'T TELL DAD!!!" That would be awesome! It could be our little secret! Sadly, I doubt that will happen.
  6. That is SO SWEET!!!:love:
  7. Love that story! My mum's like that. She likes LV but will never buy them herself.

    Luckily, she's got an ally in my sis, who purchased a speedy and a wallet for her last year, and got all of us siblings to chip in for a Triana for her birthday this year. Now mum only carries LV.
  8. thats a sweet story!,sometimes I use my moms bags,and she uses mine (im not allowed to use her epi jasmine though ><)
  9. That's so cute!!! I can't your mom had brand new vintage dior in her closet, lucky you!!
  10. very cute story...thanks for sharing! I'm curious to see your vintage diors!! that is in the dior thread of course!!
  11. Awww...that's soo sweet, that's for sharing.:love:
  12. Aww.. that's so cute !

    My mom wants to borrow my LVs, and she always talks about it, but she never wants to use them because she feels like she's depreciating them !
  13. It's wonderful that you can share stuff with your mum.
    I miss my mom.:crybaby: :crybaby:
  14. how sweet!!! :love: :heart: :flowers:
  15. Karman-- That was a sweet story. How I would love to share my purse fettish with my mother.....listen to this: I just purchased my 1st LV last month. I couldn't wait to show it to my mom. I know she's not into designer bags, but, come on--who doesn't know the signature canvas of LV???? She said "I think I saw those on QVC the other day."