I Never Knew I Could Fall in Love with a Purse!

  1. I went back to NMLC tonight for the start of their handbag event. They did have some different bags than when I went to the pre-sale over the weekend. I'll post those in the sale thread...but the most important event of my trip is my new, gorgeous ELISE!!!!:yahoo: :nuts: :wlae:

    I truly never knew I could love a purse this much. It is the perfect MJ style IMO. I totally get it now. It's so classy and beautifully designed. The color is Sweet Pea and it's a fantastic color - very yellowy green. This color could be disasterous if not done right but I think they mastered it. One of the best parts - it cost right around $510!! I totally LOVE her!!!:love: :tender:

  2. That bag is beautiful!! What a great find! I'll have to check the nearest NMLC tomorrow.
  3. Wow!! That color is so striking and I think it will work well in Spring and Fall especially! (Though it's going to look amazing in all seasons, of course).

    Congratulations! What is the name of this style?
  4. Wow congrats on your new Elise,great find!
  5. Wow, that color is so pretty! Is the hardware gold or silver?
  6. ^^It's called the Elise. It's such a great style!!!

    Thanks ladies for your compliments! I literally am in love with her right now. :p
  7. It's gold Melly. The tag says it's from the Spring '06 collection.
  8. Thanks! I can never be sure looking at pictures. :p
  9. I am so happy for you! I know how badly you've been wanting this! You're developing quite the eclectic variety of MJ colors in your collection. I love them all.

    It's the details that make me swoon over this bag. The buckles are just so classy.

    Not sure if it will go with your blueberry FOB keychain, though. You will have to go back and get another in black. ;)

    Enjoy the bag!
  10. Oh, that is so beautiful! I have not had the time to make it to the pre-sale ... so sad. I envy you your Elise!:drool:
  11. oh wow! Congrats! This is a rare color... What a great price for an Elise!
  12. Thanks everyone! I can't stop staring at her. LOL! :p

    And yes MJ_BostonGirl - I may have to go back and get another color Key Fob. It was hard enough to pass up the matching wallet in Sweet Pea.
  13. Gorgeous! And a great deal! Can't beat that!
  14. Oh wow, it's soooooooooo beautiful! I love the shape of Elise and this color is perfectly done! CONGRATS!!!
  15. very unique color!! she's a beauty, enjoy!!