I never knew bliss until I knew thee - My new Vermillion work!

  1. My Rouge Vermillion work has arrived! It has no orange tones at all, I'm so glad!!! :smile: :nuts:





  2. Wow! Gorgeous Bag! It looks fantastic on you! Love the charm too! :yes:
  3. spiral : thanks for posting this pic as i was still hesitating whether to get this color in work as i have enquire from aloha rag on the colors available for work and one of them is this color...after seeing ur pics, it looks so HOTTTT and u looks so gd on it.....hehehehhe
  4. It looks great on you!! I love how the lemon charm pops out against the red!! Nice!!
  5. Thanks so much guys!!! I love her! :blush:

    Celia, I was doing the same thing, viewing other's pics of the RV to try to determine what the shade looked like. You should definitely go for it, it is a vibrant red that is easy to match w/ one's clothing!
  6. Spiral, great choice, I love it on you!

    I was really surprised how varied the colors are for the Vermillion. I've seen ones with a lot of orange in it...and some that are really red (much like yours)!

    And yay! for the WORK style!
  7. Very pretty and it has lots of pop to it! CONGRATS!:yahoo:
    That looks so amazing on you, I am speechless!!!
  9. congrats spiral! your RV work looks amazing on you.
  10. :nuts: ooh gorgeous! it looks great on you, too! congrats
  11. It's awesome on you!! Wow, I never knew that the work looked that great on!:nuts:
  12. That looks fabulous on you!!! Congrats!
  13. Love it and it looks awesome on you! That color is even more gorgeous IRL so I can imagine how thrilled you are. Congrats!
  14. you looks so cute with your gorgeous bag. i love your lemon charm.
  15. I am in love with your bag!!!