I never game

  1. This is a forum variation of the drinking game I Never.

    I'll make a statement starting with "I never."

    If you've never done it, post "I never."

    If you have post this smiley:
    (copy and paste)

    and make another "I never" statement.


    I never rode in a hot air balloon.
  2. I Never
  3. [​IMG]

    I Never Peed in the swimming pool :smile:
  4. [​IMG]ha ha ha!!

    i never bought an Hermes bag :crybaby:
  5. Sure about that, Lex..:p
    I never got drunk on whiskey:yucky:
  6. I never been skinny dipping.
  7. [​IMG]

    I've never flown on a helicopter
  8. I never
  9. I never.
  10. I Never.

    I've never been on a blind date.
  11. I never
  12. I never
  13. I never

    Ive never owned a rabbit haha
  14. I never.
  15. I never tripped on a sidewalk and scraped up my knees really bad.