I neeeeed the Gucci Rose Messengerr!!!

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  1. It's getting closer to summer and I've been searching for months now. I'm dying for the bag that's discontinued. I've been ebaying everyday and searching other consignment sites, and I havent found one!!! Does anyone have any ideas? Its the butterfly charmed pink striped messenger!

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  2. OMG, we are on almost the same hunt....I have been looking for the same but in the tote version with absolutley no luck at all!
  3. Yes!!! I'll definitely let you know if I find one...I thought I remembered seeing one on Ann's Fabulous Finds or Jills Consignments boutique...but I think it was awhile back. I share your frustration
  4. That is so cute! I'm glad I have my pink Gucci fix because then there would be the 3 of us looking forthis!
  5. is it out of stock or stop producing already ?
  6. Its from Last spring/summer....sold out! this year they have new colours!!!
  7. I guess I'm lucky to be the owner of this messenger... :love:
  8. Hehe... and I have the cream one.
  9. Agreed, they need to share! :graucho: