I neeeed to learn more!

  1. As you know, I lost a battle.

    But since I dont have my B-Bag!! Ive gotten into them even more.

    I got questions!!!

    How come you guys always say the year of the bags?
    Are there more than one kind of leathers they use?
    What are the most common colors? rarest colors?
    Define "smooshy" for me!!!
    Most common styles? rarest styles?
    And heres a dumb one but I got to ask.... Do the long leather things on the zippers ever get caught on something? and do you accidentally whip people with them sometimes?

    sorry for being ignorant.. I actually got called it one time by some guy :crybaby: .
  2. Hi! We mention the year because the leathers change from year to year. The rarest bags are probably '04 and earlier (and some colors of the '05 collection. Smooshy bags are soft and pretty much collapse when there's nothing in them. I've never had my tassels whip anyone, LOL, but i'd love to hear anyone who has!!! I hope that helped!:yes:
  3. Every season Balenciaga comes up with new colors. That's why everyone searches ebay and other places to find older version bags. Smooshy has to do with the softness of the leather. I don't know what you mean by common styles, but most of the time you are going to see people with a city bag (I think that's what you mean). Everyone usually has at least one in their collection.

    Hope I helped a little
  4. Yess, those did thanks tons!!!

    Yeah, by styles I meant City, First, blahh blahh theres alot ahahha.

    So is there any other kinds of leathers other than Smooshy, or is that how all leathers get after awhile?
  5. They all are smooshy. It's just that bags older than 2006 have really smooshy leather. They are made of different leather.
  6. Ahhhhhh I see.

    I want my Black First!! Its the perfect size!!! But I think I would fall in love with the City eventually!!
  7. You should go for it. Suli got a black first like 2 months ago and it looks great. The leather is so gorgeous on it. I would look at a few if you can and pick the one you like the most.
  8. every season has new colors- but it seems like balenciaga has a continuously evolving leather situation. so- some colors are repeated from season to season- the names are different, but the colors are similar, and are only able to be differentiated by the inner tags and the leather... so we often give the season year color and model to place the bag quickly for everyone to know exactly what we're talking about.

    for instance- this fall 06 has a few colors that are quite similar to last fall 05's colors (grenat/bordeaux, rouge vif/rouge theater, marron/marron) also black and white are always repeated- so if a person likes a specific season's colors they can try to find a bag in that color for that season...

    I've whipped my friends with my tassels- but that cuz I'm jaunty like that. havent gotten them tangled in anything yet.
  9. Soon, dont worry!!!

    I noticed one girl has a longer strap on her B-Bag, its not messenger long but just long enough to put over her body, how did she get that?

    Looks hott worn that way!!!

    I want oneeeeeeeeee.
  10. They used to give you an option of a longer strap. They don't do that anymore.
  11. haha wow you said jaunty! that word is old schooool, I recently fell in love with old school hip hop. gotta love paperboyy.

    I wonder why they always change their leather? what years had the best leathers? what kinds of leathers have they used before?
  12. It depends on who you talk to. I like all their bags. But most people like anything under 2006. So 2005, 2004, etc etc. Some people massage their 2006 bags with lotion to soften them more, but I'm not into that. I like the purity of my bag.
  13. well- leather preference is a tricky thing. In my experience, each color even within a season is different somtimes. for instance- s/s 06 pale rose was very soft and squishy to me, but the cornflower from the same season was thinner and crispier, summer 06 bags that I saw were pretty shiney and flatly textured...

    The spring 05 and some fall 05 leathers are soft and the color is sort of like... looking through layers and layers of shaterred colored glass, lots of dimension- the leather finish was sort of flakey looking, but totally solid. towards the end of 05 balenciaga changed something and the leather started to have a thicker coating on it, which during the distressing process became what is known as veiny or marbely (although not nearly as marbely/veiny as s/s 06).

    I've only felt like 4 pre-05 bags. 04 marron, which was like touching the softest, most feather-like, thin, lighter than air leather with a delicious warm coating that almost sparkled in the light... and it just about crumpled in your hand. literally like silk. best leather I've ever felt. next was 04 rose city which was similar to the 04 marron, a little thicker a little more sturdy, but still much squishier than the 05 bags. then the 04 pewter, which is not goatskin at all, but lambskin. and it feels distinctly different. thicker, maleable, more stretch to it overall IMO. lastly 03 black- thick, naturally distressed, slightly and softly textured, squishy... delicious.

    edited to correct spelling errors.
  14. Wow, im gonna touch alot of b-bags next time I see them hahaha.

    How do you know what year they are made in?
  15. When you go to the store all you're going to see is 2006, but there is a card inside the bag that tells you what it is for sure.