I NEEEED this!!

  1. I was looking through the catalog and saw this bag:


    And I HAVE to get it. Problem is, its going to take me probably until June to save for it. Do you think I will still be able to buy it right from Coach without having to deal with eBay?
  2. wow that is really nice.
  3. What a cute bag! I'd like to get that style in the scarf print if I can save up for it. I am not sure how long they last in stores but I am sure someone will have an idea
  4. I have that bag in the Scarf Print. It's a very cute bag. I really like it and can't wait to take it out when spring arrives.
  5. cuteeeeee

    lol. i love how you say you have to have it.

    ergo, i wasn't working when they first came out (the eariler versions) but my manager said they sold out really quick

    depending on how the customers recieve it (so far with pilot items, they have sold well, e.g. the signature stripe and carly, both pilot items that have sold out quick style)

    in my opinion they will not last that long, two months (sorry!) because we already have customers ordering it ahead of time, just picture wise, and so far no returns (i made sure that one customer would come back to our store to return it if so because i wanted to see it IRL, she lives in the city anyways, but no luck so far-- i guess she loves it ;))

    however, signature stripe, due to it's popularity came back this time with patent trim..

    and i know ergo, in works is the patent version of it!

    so i think they will continue on with ergo

    but that exact color i don't know :sad: khaki/chestnut or dark brown sells out pretty quick and that's khaki/chestnut
  6. I know when I've asked SAs about bags (like the pond shoulder), they usually tell me it will be around for at least 2-3 months. I don't know how reliable a statement that is, but maybe you could call customer service and ask them how many there are to get a feel for whether or not they'd sell out quickly.
  7. ^like khaki/chestnut, that kind of color sells out quick
  8. I haven't seen that one before. Very nice.
  9. The ero looks like the exact copy of a hobo they had a few years ago.
  10. Cute Ergo! I like that color.
  11. That Ergo Hobo is NICE!

    I lovelovelove my Ergo Sig Totes!
  12. Coach needs a layaway plan for you! lol

    Cute bag
  13. There are just too many nice Coach bags! :smile: