I needed more chevaux in my life!

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  1. [​IMG]

    I am a total tease. Special H reveal coming to your local TPF browser tomorrow.

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  2. oooooohhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    cant wait.

    You tease!!!!
  3. I hope he meant "Tomorrow" as in GMT + 12hrs time. Not central time. :biggrin:

    can't wait...ah ha
  4. I am actually debating to do a video reveal, it's THAT special! :graucho:
  5. Wow! Can't wait to see.
  6. how interesting~ cannot wait. it has to be good~
  7. oh my! :nuts:
  8. So is it your H or Megs'?
  9. oooh, go for video!!
  10. :popcorn: I'm here! Still or Video are all good! Can't wait!! Congrats, Vlad!
  11. WHAT! That's it!?
  12. Ooooh!!! Can't wait to see!
  13. OMG you tease Vlad! Can't wait :woohoo:
  14. Is it a belt?
  15. Vlad you are such a tease!

    Can't wait to see this ....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.