i need yr opinion..... shoudl i get it or not?

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  1. It seems a little trendy rather than classic to me.
  2. I also think it's more sesonal than clasic, but who said that you can't wear bags that are "out" a little if you like them :smile:. And alvays you can put it away for a couple of ears and then it'll be vintage and trendy again
  3. I don't think it will look dated, but will always be the "different" "funky" bag of yours, which I think it really cool.

    I really like it and it is in neutral colors. At least it won't be a bag you will see on everyone too. Would probably be a great work/traveling tote too!
  4. I like it, too. I say get it!
  5. I have it, I use it when I travel, still carry a handbag too. Holds all my other stuff. It holds a lot and is very sturdy.
  6. I think it's more seasonal because of the print...but if you like it, by all means get it. The fact that it's black makes it a versatile piece, and I'm sure it will be functional too.
  7. When I first saw this bag I didn't like it too much..but the more I see it I have to admit it has grown on me to the point that I really like it..I kept seeing this on BlueFly..not sure if it's still there..just remember if you buy anything off ebay to have it authenticated here first..
  8. If you like this bag, go for it!!! :noworry:

    I have seen it on sale on multiple sites...as EMMY pointed out it was on Bluefly and I think I saw it on either Saks or Neiman's on sale, so make sure you do your research to get the best price. You also may want to call the Prada stores to see if they have any on sale? It seems every handbag is on sale lately....
  9. i did check ebay and NM and these 2 cost muhc more thna this price..:tdown:

    PRADA boutique only 50% and its hard ot find out which stores has this style ...:sad:
  10. thxs for the info...i post on authetnicate forum but nothing yet...;)

    bluefly cost a lot more...:tdown:
  11. kelw.. do u have a modelign pics?:tup:
  12. just saw the bag on Bluefly for $1259.99 and i recall that it was $999 at

    Saks during the sale ....

    so its seems the starting price for the ebay listing is quite fair... but do

    check around as they pop up now and again.

    its an interesting bag so will always stand out, i think!!
  13. it looks dated to me.
  14. decision..decision...:crybaby: