I need your suggestions!

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  1. Hey guys
    I am new to the purse forum and I am liking the place :smile:
    I have this very tiny solitaire ring gifted to me by my parents on my 17th birthday!
    I am not too happy with the design so most probably I will get it set in a new band.
    I have long fingers so what kind of band will look nice?
    Thank you :love:

  2. No replies :sad:
  3. You could perhaps create a stackable look to make it more modern. Tons of vendors out there that do this. By your pictures, I can't tell exactly what carat wt. the diamond is but it doesn't look like you can go with a really wide band - that will overwhelm your diamond. There's some cool online stores where you can look for ideas and then take to your local jeweler. Good luck!!
  4. I think it looks perfect. If I were you I would not change it, besides it is a gift. I don't think your parents will be motivated to give your more gifts seeing you do that.