I need your suggestion again...please!!!


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Dec 5, 2009
I am saving up $$$ for another WE...I really want to get it in RGGH...
however Holt is not authorized to get WE in RGGH and Bal NY will not getting it in light colour (I want it in Nacre)...only black and blue roi / Bal HK may get it but not sure...all my other WEs are dark colour I would prefer to get it in light / sharp colour this time...so now Bal NY only has WE in Madarin SGH (I think is too red for daily bag) / Sky blue SGH / Sahara SGH...

Should I wait for Nacre or next yer colour (hopefully something yellow)??? or Should I have my mind set to one of those at Bal NY and which colour??? or Go with courier style instead???
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