I need your professional opinion on watercolor speedy handle

  1. Hey my lovely LV ppl ~ ~
    Despite having collected LV for a while, I don't own any speedies.:shame:
    so I'd finally like to purchase one and the watercolor speedy looks pretty.
    I've been sleep deprived the past week because I haven't been this excited about LV in a looooooong time.
    I really really really like the watercolor speedy series but I'm torn between the speedy with python handles vs regular speedy.

    First of all,
    I love everything about the new speedy w/ python handles but would I want to spend that much on a non-leather bag?
    For me, it depends on how tough the handles are.
    From my experience, the python scales on the body of the bags dry up and flake off easily, thus needing constant reconditioning.
    I don't own any bag with python handles......
    Anyone have experience with this? Would the scales on the handle flake off?

    So.. then I decided I'd order a regular watercolor speedy.
    However, what would happen after a while when the handles become dark?
    I've seen pictures of handles that have turned brown...
    Do you think that would ruin the appearance of the bag?

    What's your opinion on the handles and its effects on the appearance of on these bags over time?
    (Please no "If you can afford it go for the exotic trim" -- thank you)
    Here are the pictures...
    I'm talking about the white speedy bags
    (Top one is the exotic leather trip and the bottom one is the regular speedy)
  2. Hey joanna!
    My opinion is go for the regular one! Snakeskin although luxurious is very fragile and I think not for everyday!
    If you love to collect go for it as expensive as it may be!
    But if you want to actually use it go for the regular one! And you can always replace the handles in the future something you can't do with the exotic!
    But that's just my opinion! Hope I helped!
    P.s I have had bad experiences with snakeskin from shoes to wallets! It is something that you have to take really good care of!
  3. If you're worried about the vachetta leather getting dirty over time, remember LV can always replace them. I think it all depends on how you will use the bag.....on a daily basis, or just for special occasions? I am WL'd for the exotic papillon in black, and although i'm not crazy about exotic leathers, I would only plan to carry it for certain times. I can see the regular speedy as a daily, season-use bag, and then someday if the handles are too dark, LV can change them out for you. For me personally, I really like bags that are limited in production, and that's why I am interested to see the exotic one when it's released....
  4. bagmaniac~
    That is the exact opinion I was looking for.
    Thank you so much.
    I'm kind of upset that I have all these good LV bags but I store them away because they are not "everyday" bags... KWIM?
    I recently realized that I need bags to carry around everyday...
    I'll attend the Houston LV meet this Friday and place an order for the regular speedy.
    You'll see me rock it all summer!!!
  5. Travelbliss.

    I think the same way as you do!!!
    Thanks for confirmation~:heart:
    I'm now even thinking of ordering the black exotic Pap and the white regular speedy..
    because if python handles are not for everyday use, I'd like something more formal/small to wear dressed up for special occasion...

    But, for everyday use, definitely the regular handles.. YAY!
    Everything is becoming more clear!
  6. Good choice...and glad I helped you...
    as for your other bags go on and use them girl!!! it's no good keeping them away!
    Anyway waiting for pics...this bag is tdf!!!
  7. I'm going for the regular vachetta one. I've owned python in the past and it's a pain to upkeep. I also just like the look of the regular one. It's casual and that's how I dress.
  8. I own one exotic, and it just stays in the closet for the elusive "special occasion"!!
  9. This is how I dress too everyday!! Casual~
    I'm so excited I can not wait for this speedy to come out.

    I've only owned one python bag but it had chain handles... so I wans't sure is they treat the python on the handles differently. I agree /w python being had to upkeep...
  10. Question: what do you have to do to care for an exotic? It may change my mind about the exotic, too.
  11. It seems like now is the time to rock your exotics since they are so in these days. I see women carrying crock with jeans and all~ No need to be dressup!!

  12. YAY! That's good news. Here it comes out of the closet! :yahoo:
  13. Sounds like you are leaning towards the vachetta watercolor speedy. Good choice. This bag is going to be so gorgeous you are going to want to wear her everyday! LV will replace the vachetta if it gets too dark, but I think this bag will look amazing with patina.

    I am waitlisted for the white speedy 30 as well and cannot wait!
  14. I believe it depends on the exotic.
    For python, you have to recondition once a year, or at least every other year so the scales don't dry out and become flaky..

    I don't own anyother ones, but I believe croc and ostrich don't need as much care.
  15. thats the problem with the exotic one.. you probably won't wear it as reguarly.. and considering the way this bag looks, since its not one of the 'classic' ones.. you're probably gonna be wearing it most when you first get it.. so i'd say the regular one, so that you can wear it everyday without worrying.. thats the one i'm getting too :smile:

    although the exotic one is really beautiful..