I need your opinon for my 1st BALENCIAGA purchase!


Jan 10, 2006
I'm about to buy a medium olive green balenciaga bag. I was just wondering if any of you own the large size? the SA told me medium is the best size as the large is huge!! also do you think balenciaga bags are good quality? it looks kinda cheap to me at times.
bottom line is its my first balenciaga purchase and i just want to know if its worth $1500 cdn.$1300usd.
Hey Moe, where are you buying your Balenciaga bag? I want to get one in 2 weeks or so. Let me know.. thanks. I like the medium size and it doesn't look cheap.
hi pursegalsf i'm from vancouver canada so i'm buying it at holt renfrew. i think the olive green is beautiful, but i always need to ask you girls for your opinon because i don't see alot of these bags in town so its hard for me to compare. sorry i'm not too helpful.
I got a medium sized one in black this past Christmas and it is a wonderful bag. True I live in NYC and there are copies of it at every street corner but still, it's a fabulous bag. The leather only gets softer with time and I've just found that it's a super practical everyday bag.
I love the city size, just wish it was alittle bigger. I just got the work size. It really is not huge. Should the new work bags have 2 zippers at the top? My city does. Also, can smeone tell me what the day bag looks like?? Thanks!!!! Fischy5
moe said:
chubbybadass....... is it good quality? and have you seen the large size before is it really big?

I think the large is really big. Are you tall?
So the medium is 1500 at Holts in Van?

FYI - there was a post by Cee Jay regarding a pre-owned olive bag on ebay.
The medium (city) is my favorite size. I also like the large (work) size. The advantage of the medium/city is that it has a shoulder strap. This is a nice option for when you need a "hands-free" moment. The large/work does not have a shoulder strap option. It seems the handles of the work stretch a bit over time. Very petite gals are often able to wear the handles of the work on the shoulder.

Photos: Black city, day, twiggy; black day; black work.


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Hi and thanks for all the great info here!
I just ordered a small Baleciaga in brown from this site which looked preety good.
I can return it within 10 days so I am wondering if anyone has bought from them before?

That site, like almost every site offering "designer bags at wholesale prices" seems like yet another great big scam selling expensive fakes. Makes me sick to my stomach.

The biggest tipoff is the presence of a Louis Vuitton bag. LV is never discounted, never sold wholesale, never marked down, ever. And there are only two authorized web retailers of real LV: eluxury and louisvuitton.com.
I just ordered the black in the city, i have tried on the work and its too big, even for me and im 5'6 - 5'9 when i have my heels on. Also the work is so big that you would totally hit people with. I think the city looks the best because it is the one that sloughes the best and you can put the handles over your shoulder and it looks really cute on the arm as well.