I need your opinions

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  1. So I'm looking for a leather hobo under $400 for everyday use but I can't make up my mind between the Francesco Biasia Glamour Girl or the Marc by Marc Turn-lock Leather hobo. Which one do you prefer and does anyone have a code for discounts or any other suggestion?
    Francesco Biasia Glamour Girl.gif NM Marc by Marc Turn-Lock Leather Hobo Black.jpg
  2. As much as I am a HUGE Marc fan, I would say go for the other one. The way the MJ hobo is shaped, it doesn't look like it can carry alot. Then again, if you are looking for something casually, then maybe the Marc is better. The Totally Turnlock line has really smooshy, soft leather.
  3. i prefer this :
  4. ^^^my choice, too. It's sooo pretty--love the handle, the seaming, the detailing in general. Very nice bag.
  5. What she said! And I had a squeeze of a F Basia bag for the first time last week and it was lurverly . . . .:heart:
  6. Love the FB bag! :yes:
  7. Thanks gals, I'm leaning towards the FB too. I dreamt about it last night! Hehe.
  8. the MJ is crazy small.. not really that great for an everyday bag... the size and shape is deceiving.
  9. I like the smaller of the two!
  10. another vote for the smaller one!
  11. I can't say enough about the Francesco Biasia bag. I have two and I love the leather on both. I don't have a Marc, so can't really compare, but I know for sure that I could have more FB's!!!!
  12. Thanks Luna, there were no dimensions on the Marc hobo on the NM website anyways so it's nice to know. I'm gonna get the FB! By the way, pinkmascara.com sells authentic right? Cos that's where I saw it