i need your opinions...

  1. i have a gift card worth $156 given by my sis and bro-in-law.... should i get an azur cles or save it and get an azur speedy 25?
  2. Save it and go for the speedy!
  3. Speedy Speedy Speedy!
  4. Speedy, such a classic
  5. Cles, cuz the interior is leather and not canvas like the Speedy.... (I have a thing against cotton canvas....)
  6. I would save it and get a speedy 25!!
  7. Save it, love the Azur Speedy.
  8. speedy!
  9. i vote for azur cles. coz i prefer damier canvas speedy over azur.
  10. it depends....are you the type that loves instant gratification


    can you wait..for the big prize!!!!

    i love both!!!
  11. I'd save and get the Azur Speedy. :tup:
  12. Get whichever you need more at the current moment...
  13. Go for the Cles!!!!:tup:
  14. i would go for the cles!
  15. Which do you need more? Do you have a speedy already? If so, get the cles!