I Need Your Opinions - Tivoli PM or Speedy 30?

Tivoli PM or Speedy 30

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Princess Pink

Oct 3, 2007
I have just seen, touched, smelt a brand new Tivoli PM and am :heart::heart::heart:! It's too cute! Even though I am going to be good, it has got me thinking...........The only thing I am concerned about - how strong/practical is that zipper, day in day out? I don't think it suits the Speedy style where you can get away with it undone, the Tivoli is definately more structured.

So if I choose an everyday handheld mono piece, which would be better, Tivoli PM or Speedy 30? I already have a Speedy in Damier Azur so am thinking its better to go for a different style, but there again the Speedy is a classic.......thoughts please!
Dec 13, 2006
Even though I love a speedy, I would get a speedy in some other line and not mono, it's just way too common. I have a mono speedy and love her bec. she's mine but I wouldn't do it again if I was starting over, I would cover my mono bases in other styles. I voted tivoli pm, cute bag!


Jul 6, 2008
Tivoli! I was debating the same thing for my first LV and ended up getting the Tivoli, since the style is more different! Also, since it's somewhat more expensive, if you still want the Speedy later it'll be easier to save up for it!