I need your opinions - please!!

  1. I really like this fendi watch - does anyone think it is too tacky? do you hate it? or is it a very nice fashion watch... I appreciate all comments - thanks!
  2. I'm not really a fan, but it's not hideous or anything.
  3. Thanks for being franc!
  4. I'm with Litigatrix -- not really loving it, but it's a nice watch.
  5. It not too much I don't think. If it was the fabric Fendi strap then that would too much I think but I think this one is fine. I would wear something like that
  6. I love this watch! :yes: I think the FF combo looks very similar to links in other watches - it's not overly done at all. I agree with Secret, I would definitely wear this watch.

  7. Thanks so much for your comments! :yes:
  8. My friend has a Fendi watch, and at the time, I thought it was abit of an accessory! BUT she has not even had to change the battery in 3 years, and its certainly holding out better than a gucci or a dior!

    if you love it, you should go for it :smile:
  9. So far, I do love it. I have yet to see it in person, the local jewelry store that has it placed an order and will call me when they have it so i can see it/decide if i want to buy.
  10. I like the F links - very classy watch. Go for it!
  11. I think its a classy and neat style. I would buy it :yes:
  12. Not my style but it would look sweet on other people for sure. it doesn't look bad. :smile:
  13. Actually if u like it then why not get it? I think what matters most if your preference of it.
  14. I like it! Very understated and classy!
  15. I think it's very cute....