I need your opinions!!! (Patent color)

  1. I have my eyes on this pair of shoes:
    ALDO shoes - ALDO women's footwear for all occasions: dress shoes, casual shoes and city shoes.

    but in patent black or gray.
    Which color should I go for?
    Black is more versatile whereas gray stands out and make a statement more. The general colors of my outfits can accomodate both colors.
    Or.... do you think this pair of shoes are real ugly and I should just forget about it?

    P.S. I apologize for not being able to post a picture but it is a flash image and I really don't know how to copy that image.

    Please comment!

    This is NOT the pair of shoes I have my eyes on. I just want to show you this so you will have an idea of the color gray in patent. Pic -- ebay
  2. I don't like those at all. The ones in the pic above are cuter imo even in the gray.
  3. I don't like the ones from Aldo link. I agree w/ sammiekat. I like the ones in the pic above much better.
  4. I have a pair of shoes from that seller from ebay! You'll love them either in black patent or the grey. For the price, if you buy 2 pairs u can get the 2nd for free shipping. So just get both, the grey & the black!!!
  5. I do not like the Aldo shoes at all-the grey ones in the pic are nice though
  6. Thanks everyone for your opinions!! much appreciated!