I need your opinions on this gorgeous shoes


What you think of this Dior wedge?

  1. Gorgeous, buy it!

  2. It's ugly, don't buy it!

  3. It's ok.

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  1. diorshoes6.jpg
  2. Love the style, don't like the color, if you have alot of pink or brown clothes, then I think it's ok. The price is a little too high.
    the shoes is very very pretty, but I would not buy it because of the color and the price.
    I saw alot of nice shoes from bluefly.com, you may want to check them out.
  3. if u love them get them! :yes: if they were high heels sandals i would get them in a second but i love everything about them apart from wedges i dont like wedges...but if u do, go for it ! :yahoo:

    and a warm welcome to the forum hun ! u couldnt have come to a better place !
  4. It's very pretty!
  5. Gorgeous, buy it!
  6. It's ok.
  7. super cute :smile:
  8. I love it! BUY BUY BUY!
  9. Auction has ended, did you buy them?
  10. Gorgeous, buy it!
  11. Gorgeous!
  12. Very cute- hope you got them!
  13. If you have the matching bag, these wedges are a must-have!!!! :biggrin: