I need your opinions on M Z Wallace bags... thanks in advance!

  1. Hello ladies,

    Anyone here own an M Z Wallace bag? What kind do you have and how do they hold up? I'm looking at the Beatrice (pictured below) at their site because I think it's really cute and looks easy to clean and maintain (being nylon), that I can use when I go to work (I work in production so it's usually jeans, t-shirt+hoodie and sneakers for me).


    Thanks in advance!
  2. Love their bags - I'm getting a Bea as well. They are beautifully made and it's a good company to deal with. I have one from a year or so ago.
  3. Thanks misslola, one more q -- are they sturdy enough (do they hold up ok with heavy use?)? Thanks!!!
  4. I have a MZ Wallace that I use for school and I love how sturdy that thing is! I've never touched a Bea, but I did see it in their store with their employees happily using them. They look even prettier and breathtaking in person, but I can't vouch if they'll handle heavy uses. However, from my experience, they hold up their shape extremely well. Hope that helps!
  5. i LOVE MZ Wallace bags and i have quite a few of them.

    they are very very sturdy. LOVE it! :tup:
  6. Sturdy, yes! You will not be disappointed in any MZ Wallace product!
  7. tPF had an MZ Wallace giveaway a loooong time ago. I am sure if you search the blog, you can probably find some postings about the brand.
  8. Thanks ladies! You've been a big help. Now choosing the color... ;)
  9. MZ Wallace bags are good quality and if you catch a sample sale (they have one around christmas, the prices are crazy good!)

    I have a camouflage willow satchel from a whiiiiile ago with light pink trim.

    It's a VERY STURDY bag...
  10. I ordered the 0range one from Luna, but it's not available until March. I was also thinking of the gunmetal. MZ says all their spring bags will be on their site by the middle of next week. Luna Boston gives 20 percent off with code, but they don't carry all the bags. No discounts from MZ
  11. Thank you misslola, I was actually thinking of the orange one but it's not that "neutral" (though I really like it), the gunmetal is nice but it's patent and I'm not a really big fan of patent... thanks again!
  12. Dear Luna,how can i find out about the next sample sale?is there a # or email that you can give me?
  13. If you go to the mz wallace website and join the mailing list, i believe they will either email you or send you something in the mail for it... it's not until like novemberish though
  14. I bought the Bea in orange for my sister and she adores it! She is terribly hard on bags and it still looks gorgeous. Her only complaint is that she can't wear it as a backpack... yeah... I know...
  15. mz wallace does win store sales for past season items.
    the bags hold up phenomenally, are incredibly useful and classy. the bag is designed inside and out to be utilitarian and has a physical design on both sides.
    it is handsdown my go to bag in nyc, when i travel or if i need a touch of class without looking like money coming out of my bag. they are hard to live without, more so than most, once you have one.