I need your opinions about the Chocolate Carly and Ergo

  1. I really love the Signature Chocolate and I need to decide which style bag I want it in, so I need your advice gals. Which bag does the Chocolate signature looks best on? The Sig. Carly or the Ergo? I already have the Black Sig. Carly and if most of you gals say the Carly looks better then I'll get it even though I have that style bag. I went to the Coach store today and tried on the Ergo and I love it too. I just need some help on deciding. My birthday is coming up and my husband wants to know which one I want soon. I just love that color soo much and I already have countless outfits too match the Chocolate Sig.
    chocCarly.jpg chocErgo.jpg
  2. I guess if you like both styles equally, you should get the Ergo since you already have a Carly.
  3. I agree! Go for the ergo since you have a Carly and love both bags equally!
  4. I love my Chocolate Ergo! Very light-weight bag and holds a lot. FYI, my zipper was a bit stiff at first.
  5. Thanks for your opinions! Yes, I agree the Ergo is very light weight and the strap is comfortable and thinner. I love the Ergo.
  6. I heart both bags SOOOOO much, the Carly is my fave bag in the world but for the chocolate right now I am planning on getting the ergo hobo just like you! I love it!!!! For what I want to use it for, this style bag will be better in choco sig than Carly. My next carly will be leather :smile:
  7. Thanks candace!! I really love both styles too! Oh and I just saw the leather Carly today and she is so gorgeous! She feels so soft and smooth!
  8. chocolate is a great color in ergo!
  9. I love the Ergo. I own the Ergo in Patent Mahogany leather and I really love her. I wear her alot and she goes with everything in my closet. I love the chocolate brown
    signature and plan on getting a back sometime soon in it. Good luck and Happy Birthday to you!
  10. I've been wearing my Ergo hobo in khaki again for the past 2 days and I can't believe I just stuffed her in the closet. She's a great bag and very lightweight, and the choco. sig is so beautiful. Go for the Ergo!!!!! ( didn't mean to make that rhyme lol)
  11. Get the Ergo! It's such a great bag...I have it in khaki/mahogany and I love it. It's very lightweight.
  12. Thanks again gals for your opinions! This helps me sooo much. The more I look at the Ergo and just stare at it, the more I'm falling in love with it. It's kind of frustrating asking my husband or my family because all they say is "it's just a bag" or "no matter what bag you get, you're still beautiful" oh and the most annoying one "they all look the same to me". My dad mostly says that (beautiful comment), and I have no idea how my "beauty" has anything to do with the bag I want. He just wants to make me feel good I guess, haha. Oh and thanks for wishing me a Happy Birthday LizCordova! and candac3mari3 your dog is adorable!
  13. That is a really hard one. I have a leather Ergo and a sig Carly and I love both. Get the Ergo. It's a completly different bag, so lightway and it fits sooo much. With all my stuff in them, the Ergo's more comfortable. Post tons of pics!!!
  14. I'm not a big ergo person so I say get the carly!! .. I also have the large black sig carly and in a heartbeat i'd get her in chocolate as well!!! :drool:
  15. Okay, I have a question for all of you.. I really like the ergo, but the two times I have tired it on, the strap is like a triangle.. I would think with weight added to it and use it would soften up, but it always makes me put it back.. any thoughts? :confused1: