I need your opinions about pale skin!

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  1. So, I have tanned for a long time...I was super dark this last summer and I love it, but I am also smart enough to know that fake tanning is probably bad for me.

    So I don't have a ton of money to throw away at spray tans and I refuse to waste time painting myself orange. I have finally accepted that.

    So I am trying to loose weight (I am fat, that is no secret, and someone once said that tan fat looks so much better that pasty fat, and I will agree with that!!) so hopefully I will get past my insecurities of being ugly fat!

    I have red hair and burn easy if I don't gradually tan, and I am just tired of it all. My skin has a natural red tint to it (like if I am in the sun too long, even if wearing 50 sunscreen) so I have a delimma.

    I love the color of Ann Hathoway's skin...she can really pull of that creamy skin color flawlessly. I am wondering if it is even obtainable??? I just really want to start taking good care of my skin (and I don't want wrinkles) so I know if I just really cake on the strongest sun block, I won't tan at all, right?

    I know this is so stupid...but I just wonder if I can handle having no color and look good, vs. spending too much time and money on a wasteful (and harmful) tan!

    Just looking for your thoughts...
  2. First, pale skin is beautiful. Be delighted to have it, and enjoy enhancing it and wearing all those elegant muted pastel tones, and discovering which ones eat up the contrast of your skin and hair with a spoon and make your viewers want to be you.

    Now I will tell you a secret. Let me make sure no one is listening.

    OK, good.

    The people who spend all that money on spray tans are just as orange, although many of them do have elbows and ankles that are a more evenly distributed orange. Shhh. They don't look orange to each other. Well, they knid of do, I guess, since if you listen to how they talk about it among themselves, it is always about which product or process makes them look LESS orange.

    You, on the other hand, get to look all milky and ethereal, and need never fear that you could be causing someone to have a sudden craving for citrus fruit.

    And just to clear up another myth. Tan fat does not look better. If that were the case, only white people would be buying all those weight loss products, which is not the case, as you can confirm by peeking into baskets in the checkout line of any drugstore or Wal-Mart.

    Pale and plump is much prettier than orangorexic.

    Now revel in yourself and go buy lots of clothes in that color green that decorators always use for pillows in rooms they claim are Inspired by Tuscany and make brunettes look like we have really bad flu.
  3. I am a Casper, proud wearer of the Moon Tan; avoiding all bronzers, self tanners and the sun whenever possible. I have the coloring of snow white- dark dark hair, brown/green eyes, skin white as snow and lips flushed red (no lip color needed). I am also in my mid-40's and have not a line, a freckle, zippo on my skin. I look at women younger than me and think how bad they look. Women my own age are usually, well, heavily lined w/poor skin. Sun screen and a hat plus no tanning and no smoking are the reasons why. You either love it or you don't; but believe me, the cosmetic surgeons LOVE those that don't. I wouldn't trade my skin/coloring for anything.

  4. I am also pale, and only get tan in the summer. During the fall and winter I would wear a little bronzer on my face and I am out the door. I try to make it look natural thats the key to it:yes:

    PS...Dont call your self fat I bet you look great. Just be your self and get that tan;)
  5. I don't tan at all and have finally accepted that. I LOVE my pale skin. People always look down upon it but there are others (like the wonderful girls here), who really make you feel good about your skin and tell it like it is. Pale skin is BEAUTIFUL! Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. I also have the Snow White complexion and you'd be amazed at how many people find that absolutely breathtaking. And why shouldn't they? It IS beautiful!

    And what do I say when all my tanorexic friends make fun of me for being "Casper?" I just say "Well when all of you have wrinkles in 10 years, I'll still look hot. So, have fun with that." That shuts them up real quick.
  6. I am the color of goat cheese, and that means I am super white. Sometimes I use Clarins Body Radiance which is about 25% self tan and 75% lotion, so it will provide me with some moisture and a slight bit of color. Anything is better than a real tan, including a root canal. Embrace your skin, and stop calling yourself fat.
  7. Another for the pale skin club. I also stopped trying to bake my skin and just accept that it just is NOT going to tan! I use concealer, black/brown mascara and some pinky blush (chanel's orchid rose :heart: ) to show off my skins natural porcelain hue.

    Finding a great blush or the right bronzer can look stunning on paler skin tones!
  8. See, you girls are all R.O.C.K. S.T.A.R.S!!!

    Thank you for all of your thoughts...I am not "down" on myself for my size...it's all my fault I'm like this in the first place, but yesterday I pulled my elliptical machine out of the garage, dusted it off, and just got done with round two!

    I figure if I work on loosing weight and bettering my skin together, this will motivate me big time! And of course, you are all motivation enough!!

    I look forward to finding new colors to wear! I love anything green and I think I'll have to make that my new favorite color to wear!
  9. Hey Sunny!!!

    Another pale girl here. Believe me, there's a lot of people out there that admire the look of a naturally pale skin tone. I'm very fair skinned, with really dark hair (all natural!!), and this contrast is what I get the most compliments from.

    You being a redhead, I'd love to see you wearing pinks and purples and plums. I know green is supposed to suit you best, but I just love how those other colours look against red hair. Especially dusty pink and plum. You're gonna look fabulous!!
  10. Here here for porcelain skin!! :yahoo: I shamelessly coated myself in baby oil as a young teen to tan with my girlfriends in our teeny bikinis...why did they get tan but yet I turned into a lobster? Duh...wasn't meant for me and my Scottish heritage.

    Now I cherish my pale skin. I bathe in 30+ spf every day and drink tons of water. I know it's paid off. Sure I get a little self conscious in the summer in shorts with my pale legs but I know health wise I'm doing the right thing to not tan. :wlae:
  11. I have always LOVED pale skin.while all the other girls at my school pined for tan,bronzed skin, i wanted lovely pale skin, a la nicole kidman, live tyler, etc! :biggrin:

    I do have pale skin but not like the names mentioned above unfortunatly, since I am part hispanic : (
  12. I'm very pale and I wouldn't have it any other way. I've seen how the sun worshippers look 20 years from now... and I'm not interested. I actually had my aunt that drinks entirely too much alcohol and smokes like a chimney tell me that I'm too white and need a tan. I looked at her sun spots and wrinkles around her mouth and told her I'd rather not. Besides, there's always self tanning lotions!! I've never used them, but have read that they've much improved since the days of turning people into oompa loompa orange.
  13. I would love to have pale skin... people always want what they don't have. appreciate your given features :yes:
  14. :yes: This is soo true! For every bottle of orange dye sold, somewhere, at least 3 girls are buying skin whitener. Global population numbers being what they are, maybe 4 girls, only about 14% of earth residents have European heritage, and only a small % of those people have that really pretty alabaster skin.

    I don't think anyone is immune, I know I'm not, I have always wished my hair would curl!

    And while I sit here and wish that, millions of girls are buying hair straightener... :lol:
  15. When I first started getting facials every week the girl I went to was PALE and had the most beautiful white complexion and red hair. She stood out in the tans of Florida but was so much more beautiful than and tan could make you. She learned at a early age in beauty school that the sun was going to damage your skin. I know she will age well and not have wrinkles.
    Then at the place I got my hair done there was the makeup artist who was probably 30 and looked 45++++ because she had the darkest tan and looked horrible. She would always come and try to push her products/services on you and I would think anyone that looks as bad as you do with sun damage is not someone I want to buy products from.
    So embrace your beauty and be proud of your pale skin.