I need your opinion!

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    I don't know what to get first
    please give me your opinions

    option 1

    Chanel classic bag jumbo size in black GHW/caviar leather
    Van cleef Vintage Alhambra bracelet, 5 motifs Yellow Gold, White Mother of Pearl
    and Magic Alhambra Between the Finger Ring Yellow Gold, White Mother of Pearl

    option 2

    Chanel classic bag jumbo size in black GHW/caviar leather
    Hermes birkin 35cm black togo leather GHW
  2. Option 2
  3. I'm a bag girl all the way, so, hands down, option #2!!!
  4. Wow this is tough. I don't have a Birkin but I do have the Van Cleef bracelet on your list so maybe I am biased. I absolutely adore my Van Cleef bracelet; it's one of my favorite bracelets. But then I am totally a bracelet gal. Obsessed with them. While the Birkin is gorgeous I personally prefer the Kelly since it has a shoulder option. The B doesn't appeal to me because it is heavy and difficult to use (although I know a lot of women leave the bag/clasp open for this very reason). Good luck. I think it depends what you would use and love more.
  5. I admire the H bags but they are too heavy for me.....agree with nycmamaofone, it really depends on what you is more practical for you....and what you love more.
  6. neither. i would get an Hermes bag and a VCA 5 motif bracelet or ring

    i have a 5 motif (gold with white mother of pearl) and use it a LOT. together with my hermes bags :p:p
  7. option 2!!!! bags and shoes are my thing though, not accessories.
  8. Definitely option 2!
  9. Option #2!

    I'm biased because I'm a purse girl more than jewelry.
  10. Option 2
  11. Option 2 for sure!
  12. 2. Most definitely
  13. # 2, have the bestof both worlds, both classic selections
  14. I would say option 2 but that depends on if you have a Hermes already. Go with the most practical option. Which ever one you will wear the most.
  15. 2!