I need your opinion!


Which bag would you prefer if you only have $$ for just one?

  1. Black Modern Chain Flap Bag

  2. Red Modern Chain Flap Bag

  3. Smaller version of coco cabas (or another bag from 07 cruise since they sounded pretty good!)

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  1. I just got my MC flap bag in black and posted my pics here: http://forum.purseblog.com/916075-post7.html

    Sounds like a lot of PFers like the look of it.

    However, due to my budget and I have heard that for the 07 cruise line there will be a smaller coco cabas with a small cc charm instead and it sounds sooooo good to me because I would love to have a smaller coco cabas since I am short, and I am hoping with the new smaller coco cabas it will fit my proportion right while I can carry a little more in it than with a flap bag. Of course I haven't seen any bag from 07 cruise.....I can't wait to go to the truck show in mid Oct!!

    At this point I am also waiting for a red MC flap bag.....just too many bags and too little money I have...... so I need your vote and opinion!
  2. What else is in your Chanel collection right now? I remember you have a navy east/west, but can't remember what else.

    I'm leaning towards either the red so you'll have something that pops, or the smaller Cabas. I'll vote when I know what else you've got already!
  3. I saw your modern chain flap
    I think its dead gorgeous on you...I would keep it.

    and I feel like the hardcore look suits you - especially with your style (from photos in the past I've seem)

    Anyways your call...
  4. Thanks tweetie.

    I have 4 chanel bags now and I love them all!! :heart: :heart:

    3 flap bags:
    1. 05 glazed lambskin star-stitched bag (just like this one eBay: CHANEL BLACK CRACKED PATENT LEATHER BAG HANDBAG LK NEW! (item 160030211683 end time Sep-19-06 10:29:42 PDT))
    2. 05 226 reissue in grey (love the lavender undertone!!)
    3. 06 dark blue east west caviar flap

    and 1 silver deerskin camera bag (http://forum.purseblog.com/449670-post12.html I :heart: deerskin!!)

    Since I already have 3 flap bags, I was thinking maybe I should get a shoulder bag that's slight bigger so I can have some more extra room but I don't like huge gigantic bag, so that's why I hope the smaller coco cabas would be a good choice.
  5. Thanks!! Yea, I do think the hardcore feel of MC does suit me quite well. BTW, between black and red MC flap, which one you prefer?? I guess is hard to say yet since it really depends on what kind of red it is and so far it seems like no one have seen the red in the LC line...
  6. I love the MC on you, it looks fabulous. It's going to be interesting to see what the baby cabas is going to be like, for now, it's on my list.
  7. I think black is your color...but again I haven't seem the red.

    If you tend to wear color in clothing, I think a black bag ties things together better than any red would...
    I think red bags are dead gorgeous but then I prefer plain clothing on a red purse whereas fancy clothing and black bag is the other perfect combo.
  8. H, I'd go with a different style all together since you do have a few flap bags. I can't wait to see the small cabas!! :smile:
  9. I think you are so right, and I don't really wear plain basic clothes. At most I think I can carry red bag only with black and grey clothing (I don't really wear white). I actually love to wear blueish, teal, purplish, greenish, black and grey colors. So in that sense I think black is better than red......BUT I also heard that the baby cabas will come in black too!!!! I am so torn!
  10. I love your modern chain!!
  11. You know, I actually am trying to try out other chanel bag styles, but after trying out other shoulder bags from other lines like the lux line and I am just not into them, I realize I have a thing about chanel flap bags! Maybe I am addicted to chanel flap bags! But if they will make the baby cabas suitable for my size and taste (without the huge CC, I am so not into that), then I would love to get the baby cabas!
  12. I voted for the smaller coco. If you are even slightly unsure that you like the MC flap, return it. These bags cost us so much money, that right upon viewing them, we should be in heaven. I'm trying to stick to that same philosopy with my bags.
  13. That is so true and smart!
  14. I vote for the new coco cabas,when will it be in the stores?
  15. I voted for new coco cabas because honest opinion (hope you don;t mind), I think the chain is not feminine enough.