I need your opinion!

  1. I am considering purchasing the Monogram Mini Lin Croisette Speedy in Blue. I have never purchased a white handbag before, because I am worried that it will get dirty easier. What do you think? Does anybody have this bag?:confused1:
  2. i dont have it, but i heard someone say something about it snagging easily. i assume with it not being canvas it would get dirty more, but that all depends on how you care for it. i love the bag though!!
  3. ya, it will snag and being a pale coloured fabric bag, it WILL get dirty....
  4. i thought it was canvas though?:confused1:
  5. yea i know, i was thinking that it would get dirty too but i was hoping that maybe since its canvas it wouldnt get that dirty but i dont know
  6. ^ canvas IS fabric....

    if your thinking "monogram canvas" this is really a coated fabric...
  7. aww man :hrmm:
  8. lol sorry if I burst your bubble..... but if YOU really like this bag, I'm sure you'll take very good care of it, so go ahead and buy it, don't let me spoil your moment lol :flowers:
  9. I think its a beautiful bag. And like CEC posted, if you really love it, you will take care of it!
  10. If you like it go for it! it's a great bag!
  11. Its beautiful! If you love it, go for it!
  12. Mini Lin isn't as easy to get dirty as you might think. If you really want it then I am sure you will take care of it. I think it's a great choice! And the blue one is very cute!
  13. I have the Dune Mini Lin and it still looks perfect. I have had it for almost 6 months now. I am SUPER HARD on my bags. It is pretty easy to keep clean. Of course if you drop into a mud puddle it is going to get dirty. It is pre-treated so it is really easy to keep clean.

    I am sure that that blue will even be easier to keep clean than the Dune since it is Grey, Blue and White.

    I say GO FOR IT!!!!!

  14. I loved the red, but i was scared of that, too!
  15. After seeing what the cles mini lin looked liked (snags galore) I changed my mind about getting anything else from that line. I am super careful with everything and I have a non LV bag that is canvas and it got dirty both times I took it out and I watched where I put it.

    Good luck with your decision