I need your opinion

  1. I am about to purchase a new watch I have two to choose from
    the Cartier Tank or the Rolex Presidential?

  2. Cartier!
  3. IMO- I would take Cartier over Rolex any day! There is nothing like a Cartier- just timeles, elegant and beautiful! There are just too many people with Rolex's where i live so they are not as special to me. (Not to mention all of the fake ones you see all the time).
  4. Cartier is def ROCKSTAR!

  5. I have always thought the same about the Rolex, but my husband is giving me a choice. Never thought I would have the choice!
  6. CARTIER!!! timeless but trendy too. beautiful!
  7. I have the Cartier Tank..AND LOVE it more than ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!!! Its my #1 FAVE accessory!
  8. Your hubby rocks! I love when they give you a choice! Especially with something like this! You will really love the cartier! I think its pretty timeless!!!:flowers:
  9. Cartier!
  10. Cartier..
  11. Another vote for Cartier! Lucky lady!
  12. Cartier is classy, BUT the styles for woman are usually quartz or manual. I prefer a automatic watch if I am to spend a lot of money for a good watch. Most Rolexes are automatic...so for the money I would choose a Rolex.
  13. both!!they are so beautiful and precious...:biggrin:
  14. Cartier without question - the tank watch is a classic!
  15. Cartier tank- this is the next watch I want. Sophisticated, not flashy, a timeless classic!