I need your opinion, what do you think?

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  1. This is my new (and 1st) BV. I've been looking on and off for the past couple of years for a possible 1st BV bag. I've always looked at black, I've tried a few on, but never pulled the trigger. I saw this red one on line, and something pulled my heart, and I can't get it out of my head, or maybe I've been spending too much time here TPF and it is making me want to buy a BV (do I sound crazy?) So I went ahead and ordered it.

    Here're some pics. What do you think? SHould I keep it? The reason why I am asking is somehow I always thought a BV should be in black, because it goes with the whole notion of being understated and under the radar... yet classy. Yet another part of me think (please don't shoot me) black is kind of....boring. I know I will get a black BV eventually... but I don't know if I should keep this red one.

    The pics really show what I usually do. I throw on my outfit and I carry the bag that I want for the day. I may not necessarily match (bag with outfit.) But that's how I do it.

    Please help and tell me what you think!

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  2. Stunning! Love the pop of color! I was always boring (Black) until I came to BV... now I have color in my life, still have plenty of black ;). The Veneta is such a fantastic style, looks great in any color! Enjoy!
  3. ilovecoffee, You want honesty? I will give it to you. Ready? I am known for telling it like it is. I LOVE IT! I think I'm similar in that I don't want to give it much thought whether or not my handbag coordinates with my outfit. It looks to me like the red bag gave your outfit vavavoom! I congratulate you for it! I, too, am waiting to push the button on a nero. It took me an entire year to decide between the medium and the large until finally one very smart SA said to me "why can't you go out for dinner wearing the large? Do you go out formal, or just a pair of slacks and nice top?" Sooooo, I finally decided on size.

    I happen to like the color red you picked very much because it makes for a great neutral with blues, grays, blacks, white, green. I commend you! Wear and enjoy!
  4. I think it looks smashing!
  5. I think it looks amazing on you as well! I really love bright, bold colors in BV because the bags and styles themselves, especially the Veneta imo, are so understated, the color makes the perfect statement for you!!!
  6. I love bright colours on BV - and your red is wonderful! I was all about black before I found BV, then I dipped my toe in the water with a red BV and I haven't looked back since!
  7. Ditto!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Its a beauty and if you will wear it alot, then I say keep it. I'm a boring neutral girl and everytime I buy a pop color like red that I fall in love with I don't wear it and wind up moving it out of my collection like my Dior dectective and gaucho.
  9. I say it's a keeper! It's a beautiful pop of colour and looks great on you. I used to be a black bag kind of gal but eversince I discovered BV colours, my nero new ball has ended up being the least used. (Still love it though!)

    You can always get a nero later on. It sounds like this one spoke to you and I think if you give it up you might regret it.
  10. It is a beautiful bag. I am pretty much a neutral, boring person myself when it comes to color and stay with the blacks, grays and variations of brown I say "wa hoo!" if you want to wear a red bag. It looks great with what you have on in the photos and it will go with other colors as well. A pop of color will brighten your day.

    If you love it, then keep it. The important thing is that you love it and will use it and smile each time you look at it.
  11. I have as much black as the next person but I'm also not known for being boring in my clothing and bag choices so what I have to say is....:tup::tup::tup: You go girl!
  12. If you're debating because you think BV should be black, then you should keep this one because it looks good with you. There will always be other opportunities to buy a bag in nero.

    If you're debating because you don't think you will use this color (which doesn't seem to be the case here!), then you should return it.

    All in all, I would say keep it :smile:
  13. I understand wanting black, as that was also what I considered for my first BV bag. But my black BV did not come until 3 1/2 years after my first BV bag. I think BV in color makes the design stand out. And BV does some wonderful colors! The bag is fabulous - do not look back!

    Also - agree with elliesaurus - if you don't like the color or don't find it wearable, return it. Keep only what you love.
  14. stunning!
  15. ilovecoffee - Red is an essential color and can be worn year round.