I need your opinion... to Mahina or not to Mahina?

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Day, Mahina, or something else?

  1. Get the Day and use the store credit for a SLG for your smaller bags

  2. Get the Day and add to the store credit for a different bag

  3. Go for the Mahina!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So... the other day I purchased a french purse for smaller bags when my zippy was too big. So it was a good idea in theory, but I can't handle changing wallets, so it's going back - my LV only does exchange or store credit, though. I'll just have to put myself out for the cause... :P

    So here's my dilemma... I have 2k AUS specifically for bag purchases right now. This was going to go to a Balenciaga Day in Cyclade (picture attached), but now I've realised that with the money I have plus the store credit, I could add just a little more and purchase a Mahina L - a bag I've adored since the start of my LV obsession but one I could never see myself affording.

    I'm a uni student that works in retail on the side. Is the Mahina suitable for everyday use? Is it too ostentatious for where I'd be taking it? Does it need babying to maintain? (I'm fine with looking after a bag to ensure it lasts but don't want to wrap it in cotton wool!) I haven't tried the Day style before (and I'd be ordering it sight-unseen as nowhere near me sells the Day), but I know Bal bags work for my lifestyle and what to expect as far as maintenance is concerned.

    So sorry this is as long-winded as it is, but I've been over-thinking this and the only responses I can get from family and friends are "you're considering spending how much on a bag?!" :shucks:

    Any help you can offer I would greatly appreciate! :flowers:

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  2. I say go for the Mahina. You don't have to baby it.
  3. Mahina!
  4. Mahina !!! (:
  5. No questions about it get the Mahina! I have Balenciaga bags and used to adore this brand but not anymore as I've had more than a couple of bags that have deteriorated tremendously (yellowing, fading, etc) especially with the blue-based colours. I think Cyclade is also one of the colours that are prone to this.

    The Mahina is SUPER....you won't worry about the issues common to Bal and it has an amazing WOW factor! I would jump on the chance if I had the $$$
  6. I would go for the Mahina! I have the Mahina L in Noir and I absolutely love it because it's really versatile and the perforated mono on the bag is very subtle.
  7. Mahina.
  8. Thanks so much for your opinions so far, and DisCo, thank you for reminding me about Bal blues yellowing - that is one thing I completely forgot about! :shocked:
  9. I vote for you to go mahina. The leather wears so much better than a bal anytime and you don't get the scuff marks.
  10. mahina!
  11. Go for Mahina! You wouldn't regret!! ;)
  12. Mahina for sure - if you've always wanted it then u should take advantage of this situation & get it!! If you don't you'll just end up wanting it again in a few months.. Get what you truely adore.
  13. Mahina!! Like Disco mentioned, I think it's going to be the better choice in the long run... Cyclade may be prone to fading because of it's blue tone, and if you have other Balenciaga bags - I would take the opportunity to invest in a Mahina that would last you a lifetime!
  14. Since you already have the $$$ put aside for the Balenciaga bag and have a LV store credit coming, I think you should get the Mahina! Its beautiful and timeless in texture and color selection, something you can wear for years and still love!
  15. you can't go wrong with Mahina!!