I need your opinion please on my Chanel so black mini:(


Aug 7, 2013
I just received my mini today which i was sooo super excited to get but i'm a little disappointed because the calf leather isn't even throughout the bag:sad::sad::sad: i don't want to return because i think i won't be able to get another one for sure (they're all sold out now) I tried to take a few pics... i love the bag but im heat broken it doesnt look like the ones i saw all over instagram... is anyone experiencing this issue? should i just suck it up? i know leather is all different...
any suggestion or comments are welcome:smile:
Thank you ladies



Mar 26, 2015
what bothers you now will bother you even more later and you won't ever love the bag, imo. it's always best to return when you find a 'defect' out of the box. i see a slight difference from top to bottom. chanel makes lots of minis, another will come around that you'll love.:heart:
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Match and Mix
Nov 24, 2013
I think you should get it changed. They will put you on top of the list for the exchange, remember they aim to satisfy their customer to their best. Better experience another wait than being uncomfortable with your purchase.
Am sad to say this but their quality went down ...


Mar 5, 2016
I notice the difference between the bottom and the top. That would not work for me either! Problem is, SAs will argue the "distressed" character of "crumpled calfskin"; they will state how each one is unique.

Definitely try to exchange for a more consistent distressed leather. I fear it may be an uphill battle, however, unless you work with a really conscientious SA. Very few of these bags were released, most were pre-ordered and reserved.

Having pre-ordered my so-black handbags this season, my SAs sent me pictures of multiple bags and I was able to choose. Some that were in that selection of both the so-black Boy (bowing) and so-black jumbo (wrinkling) were NOT up-to-par. Sadly, what's leftover of these limited handbags may be the ones declined by pre-order customers. I agree that this should NEVER be the case. Chanel quality and standards SHOULD absolutely be consistent. The unfortunate truth is they simply are not.

I would definitely keep searching. Contact the Chanel hotline if you are in the US. However, I would not keep this particular bag unless you are willing to accept the inconsistency due to the fact that it is a rare and unique mini - and cannot locate a suitable replacement.
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Apr 13, 2009
Hi, I bought a so black mini but it just didn't feel right for the same reason - the leather on the top half of the bag seemed so different to the bottom half, with the top smoother. Even though it bothered me I didn't want to miss out, but I returned it. Two days later i had a call from my wonderful FA to say she had a new one for me...

If it bothers you now it may always bother you - call Chanel and see if they can locate another for you.


Apr 19, 2015
I see what you are talking about, my so black mini does the same thing- parts of it are the smoother leather, and part is the more wrinkled. It doesn't bother me though, I think it adds character, and I don't consider it a defect. It seems to be pretty common with the mini's from what I've seen- from pictures I've seen here and with resellers. I haven't really seen it with the jumbos however, my jumbo is more smooth all over. I think if it bothers you, you should return it, but it personally doesn't bother me


Mar 20, 2016
If it was me, I would return it. Hopefully you can find a smoother one, but if not, you could wait for a quilted or chevron black mini, which are so beautiful!


Crazy Handbag Lady
Sep 29, 2011
just the way the leather was made for this particular bag, not a defect. but would totally bother me!! i would take it back. it would just pick at me day after day, bc the different is not subtle, it's pretty obvious. I'm sorry about this but you should be 100000% excited and happy about a bag esp at the prices these are. hope your SA can track down another one!
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Jan 22, 2012
I don't think there's defect on ur purse...if I were u just return it specially it bother u a lot...u were excited to see but when u get it and there's something wrong then u will not be happy ...gudlack


Apr 11, 2016
I think it looks fantastic and though the uneven stressed leather look is the highlight of this so-black mini. Keep it. I think every so black look his way (some people might have added filter to their so balck). It's a very distinctive and special look.


Mar 5, 2016
If this happens to be your FIRST Chanel, or first mini for that matter, you actually might be MORE pleased with the traditional lambskin or caviar leather classic flap "look". The "distressed", more whimsical, leather pattern on the so-black classic flaps from this season were more of an acquired taste for me. Honestly, I do not think I would have "pulled-the-trigger" on this crumpled calfskin if I did not already have caviar leather [grained calfskin] and lambskin bags in my collection. In fact, I originally DID turn-down my pre-ordered so-black jumbo influenced solely by pictures and negative TPF reviews.

Perhaps it might be best to return this crumpled leather mini and wait for the next season's mini flaps of caviar/grained calfskin, smooth calfskin or lambskin leather? At the rate Chanel is selling these mini square and rectangular flaps, I have zero doubt that they will stop releasing them anytime soon. It's just a matter of when the type of leather you prefer most, is being offered.

One of the best feelings in the world is when you ❤LOVE❤ everything about your Chanel handbag down to the color and type of its hardware to the color and TYPE of its leather!! Wishing you a successful resolution. :flowers:
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Nov 20, 2016
It's quite obvious in your third picture. I just got mine testerday and I can show you some photos of mine
IMG_1490314559.509606.jpg IMG_1490314580.994204.jpg

If you're constantly thinking about the wrinkles then do exchange for another one. It's too expensive to just suck it up
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Jul 29, 2012
I agree if it really Bothers you, then exchange the bag.

I also bought this bag with matching yen wallet. My SA brought out two so black yen wallets. One wallet has a smoother texture, the other was wrinklier texture. Both were the so black yen wallet, yet look so different. I chose the smooth texture Becus it matches my bag nicely. The wrinklier texture look nothing like my so black rect. mini. The SA said the texture ranges from item to item in the so black collection. And from looking at both yen wallets, it sure does ranges differently! Hope that helps.