I need your opinion on my next bbag (or non-bbag)

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  1. I kept telling myself I am on ban, but just can't help myself to splurge another bbag. Since I am so despair to get a purse, and it's going to be discontinued. I really want to get one now!

    Aloha Rag only has Greige, Rouge vif, and emeraude, BalNY only has white and some other green color. Help me, which color do you think I should get? I am in-between Greige or Rouge Vif, but I am worry if rouge vif will be too red bright for me since I work in a conservative place, and I wear mostly grey, black and brown.

    If I don't get the purse, I am thinking about to get the new Mudflap leather bag from Lolli by Reincarnation which is mentioned in Dec Lucky magazine. (http://www.lolli-reincarnation.com/store/gallery/item/BAG1001) The price of this bag is only half of the Balenciaga purse.

    Please help me to decide! Thank you!

  2. I would say definetly get a Purse and a color you could use a lot!
  3. i vote for the greige purse...
    the Purse style is so versatile and the Greige just speaks for itself!
  4. I say the purse in greige or green (if it's sapin), which are both conservative and would go with your wardrobe.

    I do like the non b-bag also but keep in mind if you decide to sell in the future you're unlikely to get back very much of the cost. If you decide to sell the purse in the future, you're likely to get back 80-90% of the cost (or more if the purse remains discontinued) to buy another bag.
  5. If your cloths are classic with dark colours IMO the rouge vif would look amazing on it! I love the contrast!
  6. GREIGE! It's beautiful and goes with anything!!!! :yes:
  7. i agree with greige, think it would be awesome in a purse. it seems like such a perfect size bag. Rouge vif might be nice, since you are conservative, it would just be a punch of color.

    i really wanted an 05 grey purse, almost BIN, but need to curb my spending. Two bbags and a coach legacy in November, breaking the bank. I swore no more bags till the new year (the biasia i got on sale a nordstroms today doesnt count)
  8. I'm going against the grain and going to say rouge vif! Don't stay safe - make a statement!
  9. GREIGE!!!! it's be even better if u could get Grey 2005 or 2006 ... beautiful colors ...

    i want one i want one :smile:
  10. Ok, thanks for all your opinion. I just ordered the rouge vif purse! I ordered the greige first, but just right after I click the send button, I changed my mind, and want the rouge vif instead! Somehow, I just can't get out of that red color out of my mind; I would think it will be great touch of the color for my wardrobe.

    Now, after been with this forum for 2 months, I already grabbed 4 new B bags. I think that will be the end of new B bags for me since I bought mine all news from store directly (I am still looking for deals on ebay, and hopefully to add some good deals in my collection). Now I have Moron city, BI Day, 06 lilac Work, and the coming Rouge vif purse. I promise I will post some picture once I receive my purse.

    Thank you!
  11. congratulations!!! rouge vif is gorgeous! i'm sure u'll love it! :yahoo:
  12. wow..rouge vif is gorgeous!!! congratulations!
  13. Grab the greige, you won't regret it
  14. Oops I'm so stupid, so you took the rouge vif, very beautiful color, lucky you.
  15. CONGRATS! I really love the Purse style as well. ENJOY!