I need your input please~


Whic Red Epi should I try to find/purchase?

  1. Soufflot

  2. Jasmin

  3. Speedy

  4. Alma

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I need to buy (need hahahahha) Red epi.

    I am not sure what style to buy.

    Red Epi Soufflot
    Red Epi Jasmin
    Red Epi Alma
    Red Epi Speedy 25

    I do not have the jasmin style as of yet. I have the others.

    Please help....just not sure and I have $ in my account....however it is in paypal so must be used for eBay. Just keep that in mind...thanks for all the help.
  2. I really love the Jasmin! I have it in the mandarin and it's gorgeous!
  3. Just so you know you can transfer the fund in paypal to your checking account.

    I voted for speedy cuz the red speedy is a hot bag that looks great casual or more dressy.
  4. the jasmin or the soufflot...love the soufflot the shape and all...red is my fav...ohhh...red epi :drool: :drool: :drool: ....goes with everything...wear a nice red lipstick...
  5. I really like the red epi Jasmin. It on my list, too.
  6. I voted for speedy....love the shape and the size!!!!!!!!
  7. I am leaning towards jasmin.....Just simply because I do not have that:yes:
  8. i'd say the Jasmin. the Soufflot, Speedy and Alma can be found in other lines, but not the Jasmin :yes:
  9. Bump...anybody else's input?
  10. Yes, either a Jasmin or an Alma.
  11. From what I see the Speedy seems to always work, I don't have one, but like I said I see alot of them in all different colors sizes patterns, so I say Speedy.
    It's a shape you already have but it seems to transform.

    what Speedy do you have now? monocanvas I assume . . .
    good luck!
  12. just so you see what I'm saying ...meaning, when the Speedy is another colour, it transforms into, like another bag. . .
  13. Jasmin. I love the jasmin in red.
  14. I say: Jasmin because you don't have one yet. I love mine.
    Here's a peek:
  15. I'd say Jasmin or Alma, but since Jasmin is the only style you don't have, I voted for that. But Alma & Speedy are also gorgeous styles in red epi!!!
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