I need your humble COACH opinion;)

  1. :idea:Does this look like a style Coach made? My name is Lynn and I'm new here. Thank you.

    I bought it thinking it could be taken to the Coach Store nearby and get it repaired - thus a good Coach for about $80.00.

    On secon thought, after I bid, it didn't look like a Coach at all. It was presented as genuine coach.

  2. You might be able to get it authenticated if you post the thread in the Coach Forum.
  3. Thank you, I'm maneuvering myself around since I'm still new. I appreciate your advice.
  4. Hi I just looked at the bag on eBay. Did you go to the specific section on TPF for Coach. I will tell you those gals will be able to tell you if this is authentic. From what I know the lining seems to be where you can tell is it is real Coach. When you buy always look for the coach creed on the inside then you can look up the style on their website. Hope this helps. If you dont know how to get to the Coach forum on the home page if you scroll down you will diffrent brands. I promise on of those people can help.