I need your honest opinion please about Millionaires on me

  1. Well, I picked up my Millionaire sunglasses today and they are beautiful. I just am not sure if they look good on me.
    I am not used to wearing over sized sunglasses and need your honest opinions on what you think.


  2. They actually fit your face really nicely! :tup:
  3. tosh you look posh! Your sunnies and you look fabulous! I think they are really fun and luxurious sunglasses and you wear them well!
  4. hi emilyk *waving*!
  5. HELLO BEAUTIFUL! :heart: How are you?

    Back to OP... lol, you're making me wonder how I'd look in them, LOL...
  6. If you're asking for an honest opinion I'll give you mine. I love the glasses but I think they are overpowering. I think you need a more feminine frame like soupcon rond or obsession hexagone. Hope it doesn't make you sad:sad:
  7. I think they look great on you! I wish I could find a pair of black ones around here, they're sooooo gorgeous.
  8. I honestly think they look great on you
    congrats on those fab sunnies!!!
  9. What color combos do these babies come in?

    I like how they're bigger, but not absolutely ridiculously huge.
  10. they actually look rather nice on you because they compliment the shape of your face well. i had only seen them on men up until this point so this is a nice change
  11. They look great, but if you are having doubts, then maybe there's another style you would be happier with??
  12. Thank you emily, right back at ya! I think you'd look stunning in them. I love how shiny they are, fancy sunglasses are like that, lol, they just shine more. I know bec. the k-mart shopper that I am, used to wear K-mart sunnies up until recently and then I switched to Fendi and man they are way shinier, it's a lot more fun wearing these shiny well made sunglasses.
  13. I like them, they may be a little too masculine, though. I think the size and shape look good on your face, but I would prefer something a tad bit more feminine if I were you. Btw, what LV store are you standing in front of?
  14. I loooooove those sunnies but I have to agree with a couple people before me who said they were a tad too masculine. That's just my personal opinion. But if you love the way you look in them then that should be the ultimate decider!:yes:
  15. i think you rock those millionaires!!!! congrats on getting them...if I were to see you on the street...i'd let you know how fab those sunnies are!!!