I need your Honest and Real opinion of my Vert Thyme SGH Part Time

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  1. I just got my Vert Thyme SGH Part Time from Saks. This is my first 2008 BBag. I have been drooling on Vert Thyme and decided to get my first Part Time bag in this color. I like smooshy leather. This is the most vieny leather I ever have. My questions are, do you think its leather is vieny or dry? Do you think its color is saturated enough? This PT IRL color is a little bit lighter than on the photo.

    I also noticed its shoulder strap is short. It would look very funny if you carry it across your body. The strap even is very short if just carry on your shoulder. I was hoping the PT shoulder strap is longer than City's, but it is not. :sad:

    This is my first PT in vieny leather so I am lack of experience to decide. Could you girls give me your true comments and thoughts please? Do you think if I should keep it or return it?





  2. Love the bag, but I wonder if you accidentally got a city size strap. The strap does seem short for the PT! (I hope they haven't changed the length of the PT straps or anythin).
  3. I think it is gorgeous! The strap on the GH Part time is not as easy to wear cross-body because of the width & thickness of the strap, I think. Also, if it is not longer than a City strap, it's possible someone switched the strap w/a City of the same color/hardware.
  4. Honestly I love the PT w/ GH. THis is a gorgeous bag. I love it, the leather is just how I like it. If you don't love it, send it back.
  5. Being 100% honest here, I think it's beautiful. I love this color and the hardware looks great with it. I'm not sure about the strap length, but the leather looks great to me.
  6. Thank you for your comments. I was comparing it with craker's PT (see below. Sorry to borrow cracker's photo here. Craker, I hope you don't mind.). My PT strap obviously is shorter. My other concern is the leather. Its leather isn't dry, is it?


    I will call Saks tomorrow to find out if there is a possibility its shoulder strap got swapped.
  7. I also love the bag, but agree that the strap looks a little short. Modelling pics would be good
  8. I think the leather on the bag from the pictures looks fabulous.. not dry, nicely saturated, and not veiny but more a bit wrinkly, like the early stages of being worn in. Then again I prefer that over smooth leather tenfold. It all comes down to if you like that type of leather. We all have different leather preferences. That being said, I hear (look in care/maintenance) that conditioner or moisturizer can make the leather smoother if that's what you prefer... but I haven't tried that.
  9. I think the leather and level of saturation look fine. I dont think the leather looks dry, although it is veiny (which I like).

    I'm generally not a big fan of GH but I think that the SGH and Vert Thyme compliment each other nicely.

    As for the strap, it does seem smaller when comparing it to crackers pic, but this may be because it is being worn on her shoulder, so the bag droops more and makes the strap look longer?

    Perhaps post some modelling pics, or measure it and we can figure out if it's the right length or not!

    Otherwise, love the colour, love the bag!
  10. I think the leather is good, but I don't know if it's just my eyes, but the color doesn't seem *that* saturated? But otherwise I think it's a beautiful bag.

    If the bag didn't "wow" you in the way it should, I think you should send it back:yes:
  11. ITA!
    Anyway, love how it looks:heart:
  12. Well, I personally drooled myself through your pictures - but as stated above, if you don't love it and feel you have to be talked into keeping it, send it back :yes:
  13. I love how it looks! It's exactly how I like my B-bags:smile: You really should decide how you feel about it and return it if you're not 100% satisfied. Even if we might all love it, it's you who will wear it after all
  14. Totally hot and you should keep it. I can't stop thinking about me getting this bag in a City size...I do think the strap is a little short though...I think someone has accidentally attached a City size strap...
  15. I have the exact bag, Vert Thyme PT with SGH, and I measured the strap on mine for you, measuring only the leather (not the ring or metal parts of the strap). It's about 24.5 inches long. I am pretty sure this is the strap it came with, since this bag came straight from Daphne right when it came in. Going to dig out a 2007 PT to compare.