I need your help

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  1. Hi fellow bag lovers!

    It's my birthday on the 31st of march and I'm finally going to join the MK club!!! Trouble is I can't choose which bag I should get . It's my husbands birthday present to me.
  2. Sorry, those links don't work for me.
  3. As for the actual question, what are you looking for in a bag? What made you narrow it down to these 2 bags? Maybe we can help you find a third option that you will just know is right and not have any trouble choosing.
  4. Well, besides the leather, they're two completely different bags. The tote has more room I would say than the satchel. It really comes down to personal preference. I have both, a tote and a satchel in the saffiano leather. Overall I prefer the tote, for me, it's a little more suitable. Try to think ahead of time as to which one you think you would pull from your closet more often. Hope this helps!
  5. I prefer your 1st link, the Luggage Dressy. It's just so cute and stylish. I think it will go with almost everything. It will also crossover for work and most casual outfits..... :smile:
  6. Sorry for replying so late. I was wanting the selma satchel for so long but the double zip top satchel has won my heart. The mandarian coloured tote is just so beautiful . Im torn practical or fun?

    I see myself wearing them both :nogood:

    has anyone got the one with the double zip? Any pros and cons?
  7. I like the dressy better and think it's very functional and light. Yes, check out the dressy/sutton thread! :tup:

  8. I have the Jet Set tote in Mandarin and love it. It's such a gorgeous colour and I do prefer totes because of their roominess. Good luck deciding. They're both beautiful bags.
  9. Also need help in deciding have ordered the dressy in sapphire and am awaiting delivery.

    I saw on Nordstrom there is a 20% discount on certain bags and am thinking of getting another one but can't choose between another dressy in navy or the Hamilton saffiano leather satchel it will be for a 40 something lady.

    any advice would be appreciated
  10. I would choose the Dressy in luggage. In the Dressy thread, someone has posted their pics of the luggage Dressy and it's quite roomy. She has a Starbucks cup next to it so its easier to gauge size.

    I think the Dressy is the more practical choice for your first bag.
  11. Hi girls sorrt for a late update. I went for the dressy in black !