i need your help

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  1. i would like to buy a small white bag to use for the evening:it has to hold only a wallet and a cell phone!
    i saw the lv vernis lexington in white,and it is nice, but i'm no big fan of mongrams as someone already knows. and i wouldn't mind spending something less considering that i'll wear the bag only sometimes (3 or 4 times during the summer:lol:)and considering that i have already a couple of white bags, though they are bigger and are not the thing i need.
    thank you ladies!!
  2. passerby...they are so pretty!!all of them!! thanks!!!
    i hope i will have lots of answers so i'll be able to make a choice after seeing everything i can!!
  3. I found this Marc Jacobs east-west clutch on bluefly.com for $556
  4. From zappos.com:
    The 3rd bag (Hobo Int'l) has a detachable shoulder strap.

    The last bag (The Sak) is off ebags.com.
  5. Divina, how about these???

    1. caracter 130 euro
    2. emporio armani 205 euro
    3. furla 55 euro
    4. furla 68 euro
    5. narciso rodriguez 348 euro

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  6. more:amuse:

    1. coccinelle 89 euro
    2. coccinelle 105 euro
    3. emporio armani 68 euro
    4. redwall 134 euro
    5. emporio armani 135 euro

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  7. girls, you rock!!!
    i loveeeeeee them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now it is going to be a hard time to decide!!!
    thank you so much!!
    i'm afraid i'll buy more than one!
    i'm very keen on the elliot lucca, on the coccinelle darel girl posted in her second post (the second one) and on the first bags posted by passerby! the marc jacobs is very pretty but i wanted to spend something less.
    thank you so much!!
  8. ohhhhhhhhhhhh....so you decided already:P

    they are so nice:nuts: especially the thrid one:love:
  9. yes they are very nice!!
    i liked the coccinelle you posted too, but my cousin saw it while i was looking at the post and decided to buy it for herself...i don't like to have the same bags she has since we often go out together! so i left it to her, i needed something more for the evening!
  10. How about a Whiting and Davis bag? They are timeless and they shimmer so nicely. Perfect for evening and they won't break the bank. I am not sure if they have many whites out now...maybe a few, but the silver is stunning.
  11. To be honest i like the third one the best! The coccinelle is nice too but not as classy as the other one! You made a great choice! How much is the bag?
  12. kelly i am looking at them...oohhh they are so pretty!!than you so much for your advice!