I need your help!!!!!!

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  1. Hi I am new to the purse forum and I am a chanel lover. I need your thoughts on the chanel modern chain hobo bag. Do you think it is worth the money? Will it go out of style? I have been carrying my chanel cambon bowler for to long the craving for a new one is coming back!!!!!!!!Please help!
  2. Hi!!! I have yet to see a chanel bag and think to myself...that bag is out of style :biggrin: . If you like it I think you should get it.
  3. ^i agree with handbag_luvr. there are very few bags from chanel that actually go out of style. i don't think the modern chain ligne will be one of those bags. it's not for me personally, but if you like it, get it!
  4. I love that hobo!
    Get it..it wont go out..Chanel is soooo TIMELESS!