I need your help

  1. For the first time I want to buy a bag that is not in the stores.
    I mean the line that seems a "trompe l'oeil".:shame:
    But I do not know the models...
    And I'm scared to receive a fake!!!:sos:
    ... so I wrote to you my friends!:idea:
  2. That's a pretty rare bag. Michelle has one....best thing to do is find one and post it in the authenticate thread for advice :smile:

    Good luck on the hunt.
  3. oh and don't forget to check let-trade .... they sometimes have them popping too
  4. they have them pooping Kittie? I'd like to see that lol
  5. :wtf: :roflmfao: that happens when you try to post, eat and watch TV at the same time lol

    If they were pooping I certainly wouldn't want one, I have enough work with my two kitties and their litter boxes already :lol:
  6. Wow Kittie LaRoche thank you!!! You gave me items from Italy too!!!:yahoo: :heart:

    I looked for them this morning and I was not able to find them...

    Thank you!

    And... sorry...:shame:
    What does it means "to check let-trade .... they sometimes have them popping too"???
    I'm italian... I don't understand...
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