I need your help .....

  1. Okay heres the story, a couple months ago my SO went online and ordered me a T&co necklace as a surprise. It had been one I was looking at for a really long time. It couldn't be bought in stores here so he had to get it ordered in. I was so ecstatic when I got it in the mail and couldn't stop showing everyone I knew. It was a wonderful gift from my SO and I loved it. A couple days ago I noticed that I couldn't find it, I've looked everywhere imaginable, I've even gone as far as to call all the places that I went to and frantically searching around to find it. It's not the fact that it even cost alot.. it's the sentimental value it held for me, he was really happy that he was able to buy me something and surprise me too. He already knows I can't find it and tells me he isn't upset, but I can feel that he is... soo here is the question. DO you think it would be wrong of me to buy another one and just tell him I found it? Or to just leave it as it is? :crybaby:

    Thanks in advance
  2. I would not tell him that you found it...as it is likely that as soon as you do that....he will find the original one!!! I say give it a bit more time to turn up!! I lost a pair of sunglasses, and looked EVERYWHERE for them. Went out and bought a replacement pair, and they turned up the very next day!!
  3. Yah, I wouldn't lie about it. I would just wait it out and if it's still lost you can talk about getting a replacement.
  4. Don't lie about it-- I would HATE it if my fiancee did that to me:sad:

    I would much rather have him be honest with me and have to buy him a new one that be deceived like that.
  5. wait a bit.. and then if worst comes to worst buy a new one but tell him..
  6. Oh I know what your going through. I lost my wedding ring...I had lost some weight and it fell off. I noticed it at the end of the work day driving home. I went back to work and looked everywhere...I even had the janitors keep their eyes open for it. I went to the post office and virtually retraced all my steps that day and nada.
    Hubby was a little upset but got over it.
    I wouldn't go out and buy a new one....honesty is always best! I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere!
  7. Completely agree. :yes:
  8. If you think he's upset because you miss placed it I wouldn't dare lie and say you found it and chance him finding the real one. That would really piss him off for sure. Just keep looking I'm sure it will come up soon.
  9. wait a bit.. still keep looking.. but if u plan to replace, make sure to tell him..
  10. Yeah I think you're all right. I don't think lying would be the best choice seeing that it would probably turn around and bite me in the ass. He's a really calm individual so I think I'll talk to him about it and maybe we'll go look for a new one, or he'll surprise me with one for our anniversary :smile: I was just emotional about losing it, even though I haven't had it for a long time. It just really hurt me that I lost it. I'm gonna keep looking around for it, and if it doesn't show up by next week. I'll talk to him about buying a new one. Thanks alot, without your advice I actually think I might have gone online and bought one.

    Thanks :love:
  11. Yes - Definately agree - wait a little while and tell him the truth.

    I have a good feeling it is going to turn up anyway - Good Luck!:flowers:
  12. ^^^^yup totally agree with everyone.
    hope you find it soon and goodluck!
  13. I'm with Kathyrose, Michelle and the rest. Honesty is best. I hope it turns up. I was certain a diamond on a chain was stolen (!) and it turned up in a "safe place" where I had put it. Not the same as your case, but I'll cross my fingers for you that you find it soon.

  14. I agree.
  15. don't lie...it will cause problems in the end ESPICALLY if you find it or he finds it