i need your help!

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  1. hey y'all, i'm trying to find a new bag and i'm fresh out of ideas. i want something either medium or chocolate brown (i prefer medium), medium to large in size, and slouchy. i've seen a cole haan, bulga, and betsey johnson that i like:

    have you guys seen anything out there like this? a wide range of styles appeal to me, i just really want something brown and large. i'm looking in the $600 or less range because i don't want to ask dear old dad, but i'm a tad flexible if the bag is perfect. i feel like i've looked everywhere! i would really appreciate the help, i'm driving myself crazy.
  2. It depends on what you want to put in it. I like the betsey Johnson. I JUST ordered that one in natural (tan) today. i was searching all over for the color. I prefer it because its big enough to use as a work tote.

    Will you be using it for school or work? or will it just be a regular handbag? If for school or work I say Bestey Johnson because its huge and it comes with a detachable shoulder strap. if just a regualar bag I say get the Cole haan. Its classy. i saw that bag at Saks in black the other day. It looks very nice in person and the brown loooks nice too.

    I don't know, something about the Bulga does not appeal to me.....but it only my opinion. Good luck :biggrin:
  3. I'm really a fan of this Botkier Stirrup Bag
    Metallic Brandy Mix $685

    Somehow the picture turned out quite small, check out the link on Botkier's website for a better view.
  4. I love the Betsey Johnson. I think I just saw someone carry it on Joey.
    Don't know how much it costs, but if I were you I'd get that one. :love:
  5. not bad...i usually don't like botkier, but i'm really digging the twilight color that they have this in...ahhh....lol i don't need to buy two bags...

    and the betsey johnson is only like $385, it's quite reasonable.
  6. The first one I love. They have Melie Bianco, which looks almost the same, just some details are diffrent! But their good quality, and they are about 50-70 dollars. With that price, you could buy two purses. :biggrin: But my vote is for number 1!
  7. Here's the Melie's that I like, they look simialr to the girl in the photo with the blue shirt.

    And the last one, the orange one, it's just an option.:biggrin:
    41.jpg dsp_brown_bulga1.jpg Untitled-1_copy3.jpg
  8. Amanda- Your 3 choices are great (I think)! What do you need this bag for? For everyday use, or for the office, etc? Possibly that might help us narrow down some choices!
  9. those first two are bulgas, i believe...from the way your post is worded, do you think they're melie biancos? or are they and the small details are just different and hard to see?

    and megs, i just need the bag for everyday around-town kind of stuff. i like a large size because i'm in school and often have occasion to take a book or notebook around with me. durability is important because i'm hard on my bags and i don't want one to fall apart on me. i really appreciate the help so much, like i said before, i'm driving myself crazy trying to find what i want.
  10. Amanda- Well I might point you towards the Cole Haan bag- but that is just me. I find an easy transferrable bag that can be used for nearly anything, is a tote! What do you think?
  11. the only thing that's stopped me from buying the cole haan already is that i don't like the picture on the website nearly as much as i remember liking it in person, so i want to go see it again before i order it to make sure i don't remember it nicer than it actually was. but it's the perfect color and just what i want, based on what i saw.

    and the Nordstrom i'm going to only has one isabella bag in stock and i don't have time to go to the north Atlanta store today :sad:
  12. The pics I showed are Melie's, ˆfound them while looking for the first one, but in red, I went to i think;) rudy333.com? She makes purses that are inspired, but they look similiar...the buttons are diffrent, and the size/color is too. But their cheaper, and I love a good deal!:P
  13. where can I see a pic of the B. Johnson you ordered in the natural/tan. I ordered the brown today as pictured on Nordstroms web. if i like the lighter one, then i will cancel or return, still have time.
  14. I like the 3rd one!
  15. I like the Betsey Johnson. I know someone posted on one of these that they thought it looked too much like the Edith. I don't agree whatsoever. It has enough funk and style to stand on its own.

    I am also digging that Boktier. I usually don't like them at all, something about their pearlized leather colors that turns me off, but this one is fresh and different enough to stand on its own completely. Very very nice!