i need your help.

  1. i just got this in thursday!


    && it's so pretty i LOVE it. but i have a problem.

    it's a small that i ordered over the phone from new york because i tried on the meduim & it basically fell off. well this one is REALLY hard to get on. it gets stuck right at my thumb knuckle. today i tried putting it on with a little bit of vasline on my thumb & it helped but it's still a tight fit. i'm really afraid that if i gain a couple of pounds i might not be able to wear it. but i love it so much i don't want to part with it. once it's on it fits perfectly but there's no telling how long it will fit & my thumb is sore from trying different ways to get it on & off.

    should i keep it & take my chances of not being able to wear it or should i take it back?
  2. Same thing happened to me, I figured it wasn't worth the pain of putting it on- literally! Have you looked at the sweet monogram bracelet? It's super cute and adjustable.
  3. Honestly, I'd rather have it a bit larger than smaller so I always get the medium. The mediums fall off of me too but I know I sure as heck wouldn't be able to fit the small over my hand.
    Just be careful and don't flail your arms around (also, move it up as far on your arm as it'll go) and you'll be fine.
  4. I would get the next size, in the warm-hot weather our hands swell and may not be able to get the smaller size on.
  5. It's absolutely gorgeous!
  6. Do get the medium. The inclusions are really lovely and you do want to be comfortable.
  7. I agree with Lvbabydoll. I would rather have the medium and be able to wear it (it can fall off of me too) then fight to get the small on and worry about "growing" out of it
  8. It's so cute ! :yes:

    And I would rather keep the smaller one, than have something that just slides off of me.. but that's my own personal view
  9. OMG - it is beautiful... you will not be comfortable if you keep the small though...I would get the medium...
  10. hmpf, that's a toughie. personally, if once it's on, it fits, i would probably keep the small...maybe post pics?
    i would just be nervous of losing one if it was too loose.
  11. I'd get the next size. Once the weather becomes warm you may have problems getting it on or off.
  12. if the medium is too big, and the small is painful to put on, you should return the bracelet. don't worry there will be plenty of others to choose from. i'd wait till spring/summer line to come out, perhaps the sizes will be more lenient then. good luck and i'm sorry to hear about your dilemma.
  13. It's beautiful! But if you can't wear it whenever you want I'd exchange it. I myself am not a fan of bangles (thin wrists) although I LOVE how they look.

    So I'm very sorry and understand your problem!! Good luck!
  14. i would have just got the meduim because it was here at my local store but
    it literally fell off of me when i put it on. & if i move it up on my arm it hits right @ my elbow. so they meduim isn't an option.

    this is where it gets stuck at.


    once it's on i have plenty of room

    & it even goes 1/2 way up my arm

    part of me is saying take it back & put that $ towards a damier speedy 25 but the other part is it's so pretty wear it as long as i can it's not the first time i've wasted $.
  15. hmmm...tough question.
    I would return it b/c what if something hapened to your hand (like swollen) b/c of all the pressure you are putting on it to put it on.
    Not worth it.
    The damier speedy is very very classic and lovely.
    So that would be my best advice.
    Your hand is worth more than the inclusion heheheheh