I NEED your help!

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  1. Hope that didn't startle anyone! :p
    The Reference LIbrary has turned out to be such an invaluable resource but we still need your contributions!

    Please check to see if there's any info you can add, these lignes are VERY low on info, surely we have more members that can add!

    Ultimte Soft
    Hidden Chain
    Pocket in the City
    Soft & Chain

    Do we need a Rock thread?

    Thank you!!!:woohoo:
  2. Amanda, if I could afford it I'd buy one bag from each collection so I can add to the reference library.:p
  3. ^^ ditto Mon! :p
  4. Oh Mon, I really need you to do that!

    You can justify anything right? {I usually can! :p} Just tell yourself {and Dh} Amanda NEEDS you!:laugh
  5. Omigosh, I learned SO much from the Ref Library, there is no other place where there is so much info!

    Looking forward to the day that I will have more to contribute to it :p
  6. I thought you might be torn between two bags - hehehe.

    Wish I could help I don't have any of the bags you listed - hopefully after the store events today, etc...ladies will have new goodies for the ref. area.
  7. Amanda, do you think we should also have a thread for exotics? would love to see them all together in one place instead of searching in various places like flaps or evening bags, etc. TIA!!!
  8. Neither do I. I wish!
  9. Larkie, we can do exotics:yes:
  10. ^ Oh no...I love exotics!!! I'd better stay out of that thread!!! :nogood:
  11. Amanda, can we get a lady braid thread started please? :heart: :heart:
  12. :yes:I just ordered an ultimate soft... will post pics when it arrives!
  13. Amanda-you do a lot to keep Chanel up and running and organized. I don't think people know how much you do! Thank you!
  14. I was just looking for a sharpie refrence, we need Jill to post her bags, I hopefull will be adding to that collection soon.
  15. Jenn you took the words out of my mouth!!! Swanky it would be lovely if we could have a lady braid thread. TIA:flowers:!!!